The “Calling out fuckery” Episode (Old gen vs. New gen) – SoundCloud

In this episode I talk about: How LeBron James called out Charles Barkley and G-checks him, How Charles Barkley is a hypocrite, How this situation is similar to the elder vs. youth when it comes to social justice, and calling out fuckery.

Duration:17 mins

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This is what I’m talking about! Purely coincidental

I follow a man by the name of Jay Morrison on YouTube. He is an African American real estate tycoon, who speaks on black empowerment. Very solid brotha who built his name on the streets, and in the real estate industry. He recently attended a MLK Jr. Parade and March where everything I brought up in my podcast happened to him at the march.

Notice how professional and productive he was during the altercation with the bummy negro. He handles it with dignity and class. Subscribe to his youtube channel while you’re at it.
This is what I was talking about yesterday in my podcast when I speak about “Strategy before action”. 

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Why ‘Women Of Color’ is a Dangerous Term, Salma Hayek/ Jessica Williams Spat (podcast)



Duration: 25 mins

In this episode I talk about how the term ‘Women of Color’ is a dangerous term. How Black feminists constantly get belittled, or dismissed at Women’s Group Summits/protests, and how we as a race should stick together beyond subgroups and titles. Jessica Williams and Salma Hayek get into a public disagreement when Trump gets brought up, thats when things got heated.



From the beginning to (0-12:00) I prepare the subject, by describing how the “women of color” term is dangerous and how black feminism is constantly getting pushed aside in major movements.

(12:00 to 24:44) 

This is where I tackle the Salma Hayek/ Jessica Williams debate and read parts of the Los  Angeles Times Article that describes what I talk about.



Trump Signs Muslim Ban, Emmett Till, White Genocide & Civil War (podcast)



Duration: 31 mins

In this late night lounge episode, I talk about the recent Trump Muslim Ban, Emmet Till & The History of false allegations, White Genocide and the political civil war in America.  The realest podcast I’ve ever made.  Drop a comment below after listening to the podcast, or hit the share button.



African American waitress receives huge tip from 3 Trump supporters

Duration 15 mins

In this podcast I talk about the recent executive orders that Trump signed, an African American waitress who received a generous tip from two Donald Trump supporters, the myth of one united society and what racism really means.
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The “martial law/buck breaking” episode – SoundCloud

In this episode, I delve into the possibility of enforcing martial law in Chicago, reinvented style of buck breaking, black on black crime, gangbangers and manhood.
Duration: 14 mins

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The #OscarsSoWhite Episode – SoundCloud

In this episode that I’ve recently uploaded, I talk about the Oscar nominated black actors and directors, black Twitter, white acceptance and the importance of accepting your own kind.
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