Hell of a Father’s Day Weekend

This is going to be a great weekend, I absolutely enjoyed what my wife bought me this weekend. She had the emotional intelligence to buy me a lighting kit for my youtube channel. I am over-elated about this, because I was just about to buy this kit after I got my money back right. Many back right? What does that mean? Well, when you go on Bahamian adventures and swipe like crazy, the accumulated expenses pile up. I am paying for them dearly. Expecting a wallet and some flip-flops, this completely threw me off. I am so gassed up about setting this up, that its not even funny.  My intentions within the next year is open up a separate channel that expresses my true self. I love wordpress because of the candor that is displayed on posts. Most of the wordpress family are natural readers of articles or books. There is a growing community out there who are looking for intelligent discourse and conversation. I feel so inspired that it is ridiculous. When I get back from the brunch my wife has planned for me I plan to get into the snoop vs roots conversation. It has been a while since I have tackled some controversial topics.