Eddies Daydream #Smh

Money, Money, M$NEY
Within the first few months of homeownership I’ve had to pay: 

  • A new Lawn completely renovated 
  • 7k for plumbing
  • New windows due to a poor inspector 
  • Comes home lays in entertainment room to hear mice scurrying on top of attic. Smfh. Now have to call a pest control company to come out. Wtf!

9 thoughts on “Eddies Daydream #Smh

  1. Awwww, Eddie … that stinks! But … hopefully that is the last of it???

    Hey … I got behind for a time, due to some problems, and hadn’t been doing a very good job reading posts, but I’m trying to catch up now, and I see you haven’t posted in over a month! I hope you aren’t giving it up … ??? Just taking a break, maybe? Hope everything is okay with you.

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