African American waitress receives huge tip from 3 Trump supporters

Duration 15 mins

In this podcast I talk about the recent executive orders that Trump signed, an African American waitress who received a generous tip from two Donald Trump supporters, the myth of one united society and what racism really means.
Listen to The “Lies and Misconceptions” Episode by eddiestarblog #np on #SoundCloud


3 thoughts on “African American waitress receives huge tip from 3 Trump supporters

  1. You really have a gift man. 1st thing systematic racism is not only white supremacy. Think of how many other races follow the blueprint of white supremacy. (Racists asians, latinos etc) Just think, the liberal media wants you to think that everything is honky dory and that racism doesn’t exist because we saw a black president or because someone rocks a LeBron jersey but covert racism is what California is built on. Also that waitress follows the example of white guilt or shame. Buying your way out of racism is still covering up the supremacy due to the lack of acknowledgement from white people regarding white supremacy or white provilage. It’s the same thing of having a black lives matter shirt on, but you cross the street when you see me.

    2ndly I’m glad you called out black banks and credit unions because we need to see receipts. A lot of Black businesses stop recirculating the black dollar and it’s sad. I don’t think any bank wants to give us small business loans because it sets us up to be self sufficient. But a home load and a car loan they will throw in our face all day.

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