The “Calling out fuckery” Episode (Old gen vs. New gen) – SoundCloud

In this episode I talk about: How LeBron James called out Charles Barkley and G-checks him, How Charles Barkley is a hypocrite, How this situation is similar to the elder vs. youth when it comes to social justice, and calling out fuckery.

Duration:17 mins

Listen to The “Calling out fuckery” episode (Old gen vs. New gen) by eddiestarblog #np on #SoundCloud


3 thoughts on “The “Calling out fuckery” Episode (Old gen vs. New gen) – SoundCloud

  1. Hahaha Ok I have to disagree with a few things. Yes LeBron deserves all the accolades, he’s a great guy on and off the court, stats galore, etc. What he did to my Warriors was remarkable. He punked ass and I’m glad that Steph got exposed (I’ll tell you later) but Lebron, he is too dam big to be flopping like he does. LeBron can’t take constructive criticism and like Kenny Smith eluded too “LeBron is 1st in the East and is the defending champion of the East. Him saying he needs a playmaker is like a rich guy who owns a Bentley or Mercedes complaining about needing an everyday car. LeBron makes roster moves. He has done in it in Miami an he is doing it now. (See Shabazz Napier). Also the game where he said this, he had a triple double and Kyrie had 49 points. LeBron has no competition in the East. None, whatsoever. And he hasn’t for 5 years now. (Well maybe that 2013 Pacers team had a shot if they stayed together).

    I will admit first that Charles Barkley is the biggest coon but he has always been the biggest coon. I disagree with about 90% of the stuff that he says. I felt as if LeBron was mad that the League isn’t giving him attention anymore. Everyone is talking about Joel Embiid, The Warriors, Russell Westbrook, James Harden etc. I personally think that the Cavs can repeat, but he can’t get mad when someone calls him on his bs.

    As for the MLK references, you were on fire and it is true that a lot of people did not wanna rattle any cages due to them being comfortable being 2nd class. Great podcast man

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    1. I will put it to you like this. In my opinion LeBron was right, he was a little too gangsta, but he was on point. I understand how much lebron cries and flops, but lebron was on point in my opinion.

      Im listening to this couchsportspodcast 49, and its obvious david doesn’t agree with my point of view. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

      I can see where y’all are coming from though. Lol

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