More hot tea 🐸🍵

So, everything has begun and it is more uncomfortable than what I anticipated. With another person being inside the house, everything becomes cramped. Cooking food, watching TV, using the restroom, everything. Conversations become muted to hide personal sentiments. I just cannot take it. I am trying my best to make best of the situation, by staying outside of the house until 9 p.m.

Of course my wife loves the situation. Who wouldn’t like their mom lifting some of the mommy duties and responsibilities. As for me, I am ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE!!! I get anxiety attacks before pulling inside the house. In a sense, I have become catatonic and numb to conversation. I have to go inside of a zone to cope with the stress. It has barely been a week and I have been going mad, wondering when will this end. Part of me envies the times when I had the privacy of relaxing at home.

With that being said, what else can one do but become an extrovert? I have to adapt to the situation whether I like it or not. So this means more time to worry about me. Going to the gym, visiting mom, or old friends, and even going to the movies. Maybe I might take a self-defense class or go listen to an audio book while walking at the park. I have to do something, because home is not what it used to be.

My wife is beckoning me to go on a vacation, but I can’t bring myself to going on a vacation while not handling the bigger problem at home. I would rather spend money on helping her mom get an apartment. What do you guys think? I value your opinion. Comment below.


This is going to be bad

Well, Mother-in-law is moving into our already cramped apartment. Guess who isn’t happy about it? 🙋. If you guessed me, than you are right. I am the most private person you could meet. So long, to the days when I could walk around in boxers and nothing else. Hello, to the days of dressing up in the restroom after my shower.

Look, I am an asshole. I cannot help it. Of course I am selfish. Let me give you the back story of why I am so pissed.

The MIL has had a rough spell of bad luck. Within the past 7 years, she has stayed at a vacant property rent free. She pays an exorbitant amount of money for some gargantuan sized storage, filled with Suzy Summer thigh masters, 1994 disposable cameras, and more bullshit. I am trying to be rational, and reasonable, however, my greatest fear is that there will be a 2 vs 1 situation. The talk I had with her mother consisted of me announcing that she must be looking for another place to stay while living with us. She reluctantly agreed and seemed excited at the prospect of moving in. I keep putting pressure on my wife to be the enforcer, because I don’t want it to become a situation where she feels that I am bullying her mom. It would come off better if she were the sheriff. My wife is too timid and fearful of being honest with her mom. I am the complete opposite way with my parents.

The situation feels intense and I already surmise that this circus will end badly. My stress levels have been high, despite eating healthier and exercise. My blood pressure and anxiety attacks are causing me to become more hostile. The situation is only temporary in my mind, but I’m still uncomfortable with this mother in law moving in.

The mother in law has a victim mentality and puts a guilt trip on her daughter. That doesn’t work with me, and I can’t bite my tongue if I tried. The manipulation tactics will cause me to be honest and truthful with her mom.

What do you guys think?