This is what I’m talking about! Purely coincidental

I follow a man by the name of Jay Morrison on YouTube. He is an African American real estate tycoon, who speaks on black empowerment. Very solid brotha who built his name on the streets, and in the real estate industry. He recently attended a MLK Jr. Parade and March where everything I brought up in my podcast happened to him at the march.

Notice how professional and productive he was during the altercation with the bummy negro. He handles it with dignity and class. Subscribe to his youtube channel while you’re at it.
This is what I was talking about yesterday in my podcast when I speak about “Strategy before action”. 

Listen to “Strategy Before Action” Episode by eddiestarblog #np on #SoundCloud


2 thoughts on “This is what I’m talking about! Purely coincidental

  1. Guess the Ford F250 broke down huh? Lmfao sorry man, I’ve been behind, but it’s always a pleasure. 1st man, it was Denzel in training day hahahaha (chess not checkers) 2nd. Do you feel like it’s mob mentality with the protests? Just think, a lot of people today are protesting just because it’s something to do or because they want to use it as a reason to let off some frustration. The liberal media wants you to believe that everything is all peachy when it’s not. 3rdly with Chicago and the martial law, I honestly feel that Black folks don’t want to hear the truth u just spoke on this excellent show. It’s not fear mongering when it’s truthful, right? People should of been mad that Trump won the Republican nomination in the first place but advertisements today are very left leaning and they swindle folks to make them believe that Trump wasn’t going to win. 4thly you are right, it’s all about money and the ACLU just received alot of money so what does that tell you? Fire show

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    1. “Do you feel like its mob mentality with the protests”

      A: absolutely. in these protests, they are hopping on the bandwagon, showing off for the (insta)gram. These people are sheep behind whatever is trending at the moment. You got black folks out there protesting in new York for Muslims, when most of these guys can’t catch a cab from some of the people they are protesting for. Lol.

      Thanks for listening. The 250 never broke down, it just was getting an oil change. Lol.

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