Why ‘Women Of Color’ is a Dangerous Term, Salma Hayek/ Jessica Williams Spat (podcast)



Duration: 25 mins

In this episode I talk about how the term ‘Women of Color’ is a dangerous term. How Black feminists constantly get belittled, or dismissed at Women’s Group Summits/protests, and how we as a race should stick together beyond subgroups and titles. Jessica Williams and Salma Hayek get into a public disagreement when Trump gets brought up, thats when things got heated.



From the beginning to (0-12:00) I prepare the subject, by describing how the “women of color” term is dangerous and how black feminism is constantly getting pushed aside in major movements.

(12:00 to 24:44) 

This is where I tackle the Salma Hayek/ Jessica Williams debate and read parts of the Los  Angeles Times Article that describes what I talk about.




2 thoughts on “Why ‘Women Of Color’ is a Dangerous Term, Salma Hayek/ Jessica Williams Spat (podcast)

  1. Ok Ok Ok. 1st was you about to drop bars in the beginning?? 2nd what instrumental is that?

    Ok now to the real ish. I read the interview as I was listening to you, and I had too laugh. I felt like you were my inner conscience laughing about this. There is racism and white supremacy in the LBGT community that no one addresses. Us black people can not hide outer black color . I’ve been saying this to alot of our sisters that they are still black at the end of the day and feminism will use them to get what they want. Women of color is a term that shouldn’t exist because at the end of the day WE will never be accepted for who we are. I applaud Jessica Williams for holding her own. It’s sad how Selma Hayek and the other lady just dismissed her blackness.

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    1. Lmao. I had to come in like that. Yeah, that debate was crazy. We need to unite as melanated people. These of women of color/feminists don’t respect black feminism. Salma Hayek/McClain wouldn’t be where they were if it wasn’t for the civil rights & affirmative action laws. Lol. I just smh.

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