Why ‘Women Of Color’ is a Dangerous Term, Salma Hayek/ Jessica Williams Spat (podcast)



Duration: 25 mins

In this episode I talk about how the term ‘Women of Color’ is a dangerous term. How Black feminists constantly get belittled, or dismissed at Women’s Group Summits/protests, and how we as a race should stick together beyond subgroups and titles. Jessica Williams and Salma Hayek get into a public disagreement when Trump gets brought up, thats when things got heated.



From the beginning to (0-12:00) I prepare the subject, by describing how the “women of color” term is dangerous and how black feminism is constantly getting pushed aside in major movements.

(12:00 to 24:44) 

This is where I tackle the Salma Hayek/ Jessica Williams debate and read parts of the Los  Angeles Times Article that describes what I talk about.