The “martial law/buck breaking” episode – SoundCloud

In this episode, I delve into the possibility of enforcing martial law in Chicago, reinvented style of buck breaking, black on black crime, gangbangers and manhood.
Duration: 14 mins

Listen to The “martial law/buck breaking” episode by eddiestarblog #np on #SoundCloud

2 thoughts on “The “martial law/buck breaking” episode – SoundCloud

  1. Great f!@#$% show brotha. 1st all, why the bus driver had to be the criminal lmfao?? Awwwww. But yes you are right, the lower rung of society within our community gets all the attention with the hood shit and gangbanging but to play Devils advocate, don’t most of us glorify this anyways? Positive rap, positive black people, hardworking, slef sufficient black folks are labeled soft or squares to this gang culture. Most of the time when you look at worldstar, bossip, mediatakeout etc, they glorify everything that you just mentioned in this podcast. And these are black owned companies, right? Yes and yes about apologizing man, I feel you 100%. Dillon Roof was never labeled a terrorist by the media, and they tried to flip it on a war against Christianity. Smh. I honestly don’t know how to fix or change Chicago I know a lot of people wanted Obama to do more and were mad that so many shootings happened in his city. Martial Law would be a terrible Idea. Also I’m glad you brought up breaking the buck and compared it to the NFL combine. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that show called playmakers starring Omar Gooding but he says that as well and mentions the same thing when you get passed test. Hell even white America’s obsession with black genitalia is similar. Fire podcast jeep it up.

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  2. Thanks Tareau, I said bus driver because the people who make the black on black crime argument, think that all blacks are instinctively violent. Lol

    I haven’t seen the playmakers show, but that must’ve been the reason that they canceled the show. I heard that show was too real for the NFL to handle. Espn wanted to keep good relations with the NFL, so it got canned. But I remember my brother said it was a great show.


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