The #OscarsSoWhite Episode – SoundCloud

In this episode that I’ve recently uploaded, I talk about the Oscar nominated black actors and directors, black Twitter, white acceptance and the importance of accepting your own kind.
Listen to The #OscarsSoWhite Episode by eddiestarblog #np on #SoundCloud


4 thoughts on “The #OscarsSoWhite Episode – SoundCloud

      1. Lmfao F250’S are the business, right? Well sir, you had me rolling at the 24 hour fitness. 1st thing was the “Oscar’s so white.” I was like “ya think black people” I think part of the problem is our elders were conditioned to accept whiteness being the upper echelon of people. I’m in no way talking about slavery nor civil rights, but cmon brothas and sistahs, how many times did we have a relative to “pipe down there’s white people around?” It’s kind of naive for us to think racism has gone away because we are in a more inclusive society today. Like remember when Hulk Hogan got caught sayibg his racist rant, and a lot of black people were dissapointed? Look at Hulj Hogan. Lmfao. His daughter is goid enough to make black music but not good enough to date black people? (in his eyes). Covert racism exists and it’s heavy here in the Bay Area. I get it though, but it’s kind of comical when black people get outraged when racism occurs. Look where we are at!

        That Hoodie award needs more publicity but it’s our fault as people because most of us want bs. Remember that young sistah who was 9 years old, created her own doll, and won an award? I had to read that on an advertisement on amazon. Not a peep on the black outlets. Also you are on to something with the black secret societies but I heard (subjective) that they look down amongst common blacks. I will do more research on it but you hit it on the head man. I wish your podcast was longer brotha.

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      2. Oh yeah those black societies really do look down on people, I just didn’t want to go at length about it. Yes, there was a lot of cooning going on in our elders generation, with the exception of the black panther party of self defense. I could make a separate episode exposing our elders, but I’m trying to keep it respectful. Lol.

        Hulk Hogan situation- exactly. It is the “good white people” who we adopt into black culture that we need to remain vigilant around. He is not the only (white) person that feels that way, they just can’t be rude and tell us to our face.

        Thanks for listening.

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