Hello there,

My name is Eddie Star. Straight Outta’ Los Angeles,CA. I am a trash man by day, and blogger/book reviewer by night. My purpose is to provide content that will compel you to: laugh, cry, think, smile, or be uncomfortable. I need ten minutes out of your day. It can be every time that you take a restroom or cigarette break. It can be when you are in an awkward situation in an elevator. It can be when you are on a train or bus, and need a quick laugh. Whatever the case may be, I want to be a part of your daily routine. If you’ve read my content and it makes you laugh, tell a friend at work. Share my content on whatever media platform you wish. Send an email to someone with my link. They may find that they like, or dislike me too. lol. Thanks for getting to know a little bit about me. In all honesty, this section is really about YOU. Without you sharing and clicking on my content, I am another empty blog site with no flavor.

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24 thoughts on “About

  1. I started a section on books that I love. The book that I just finished reading inspired me to do so. It made me feel happy.
    These are old books. I do not know if you will like them. But, do visit my blog, take a look and let me know.
    I loved what you said about reading….holds for me too!
    Hope you had a fantastic halloween!

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  2. Eddie, thanks for insight and awareness you share. I really enjoyed your short stories in your recent post. I would like to see them as a short film. Is that something you have considered?

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  3. Hi Eddie,

    Trash man eh? Now that is a noble profession that as the late Rodney Dangerfield would say “gets no respect”.

    You guys keep society functioning. From the bottom of my heart to you and all of you brethren … THANK YOU!


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  4. Hi, Eddie! I hope this finds you doing well. I really enjoy your work; I left a comment on one of your posts but I don’t see it.
    Maybe it went to spam or trash.
    Anyway, I’m loving it here 🙂

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      1. No doubt 🙂
        I left it the other day on one of your posts about your new L.E.T. project. I believe it was “This Project Takes Gumption.”
        I think I also commented on another one as well 🙂

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