Inside Eddie’s Daydream #17

😂😂😂 The look on Obama’s face when he shook Donald Trump’s hands. 

Wow. I know he was grimacing inside at the fact that a man he once laughed off at a roast would climb to presidency. Remember this:

White America disagreed and took a stance to “bring this country back to what it was founded as”. I’m not making light of it as a joke, I’m serious.

Liberals are looking for a scape goat. I’ve seen articles blaming Colin kaepernick (black men), to articles blaming  Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. None of them referring to the fact that the DNC failed this year. From symbolism to calling poor white folks in the bible belt ‘deplorables’, which is code word for poor white trash. These were the same people who she rallied around when she needed those votes to defeat Obama in 2008, but distanced herself from them to get celebrity endorsements and media pundit endorsements. Middle America got pissed and it showed up in the electoral college votes. 
All of the protesting and rioting, hastags, tweets and crying won’t stop us from these next 4 Trump years. Merica’ had spoken and we are entering a country of Trump-ology. 


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