What Black america needs to recognize under Trump (Part 1)



#1. Black people need to see how racist America really is – We have been blinded by the election of Obama, and forgot about the Bush years. We forgot about the neglect America showed during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We have been too caught up in lies of a post-racial society. Take a look at the results and you will see there were lots of people that appeared liberal with Jill Stein or Hillary signs in front of their yard, but voted Trump. These people voted for Trump on the low, because they didn’t want the stigma that comes along with voting for Trump. If you had majority white neighbors and Malcolm X was running for president, would you put out his campaign sign on your lawn? Probably not, because many white folks would suspect you of being a violent black person who hates white people. You may have white friends who you don’t wish to offend, but you love everything Malcolm X is talking about. This is the same thing with these pro-trump voters. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHO DONALD TRUMP IS AND WHAT HE STANDS FOR. DON’T  LET THE WHITE-SPLAINING FOOL YOU. White supremacists are master deceivers and have been mastering their craft since colonialism, they have been taught how to play oblivious around black people. History repeats itself, over and over, and if this election hasn’t proven that, then remain a fool. Ask a white supremacist why did he or she vote Donald Trump, they will lie and tell you he represents change. In other words: “We are not only tired of the niggers with the black lives matter signs, we need to get rid of these fucking Mexican’s also. We are tired of all these Mexican’s overpopulating the united states, if we don’t put a stop to these Mexican’s who cross the border and commit crimes, than they will be the majority telling whites what to do. If we want to protect our race, we have to build a big freaking wall –that Mexico will pay for– to keep those damn Mexican’s out of here. These immigrants come here and take all of the damn jobs. Trump will make sure that America has more jobs available in the U.S. and white Americans will obtain them. He said he grabbed pussy ten years ago, have you heard the things that Jay-Z has said? We have to get rid of the LBGTQ circus as well, men should be with women and not other men. Bullying is no big deal, because I’ve been bullied and these new-age people make a big deal out of everything. That’s what I miss about the old America, we used to say what the fuck we wanted to, and not care. And what about these Muslims who come here and commit Terror, we need to put them through extreme vetting to prevent another 9/11 attack from happening. Trump is gonna protect white america, just watch and see.”

It is not Trump who people are worried about. It is the people who elected Trump into office, who people are worried about. You have people committing hate crimes nationwide, and it hasn’t even been one day after being president-elect. Imagine four years of being targeted for hate crimes. If you support Trump, you also support this bullshit below. No exceptions.



That is the type of stuff that gets said behind our backs when we aren’t around. Black women who are feminists, please recognize this as a slap in the face. It’s okay to be a proud black woman, but you must understand that most white women will stand behind their race before gender. It has happened before with Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth.  During slavery, around the time of the 1850 fugitive slave act,  Harriet and Sojourner would go to these quaker events. If you don’t know what a Quaker is, it is northern whites who were staunch abolitionists that aided slaves into freedom. Tubman, would do these speeches where she would explain the graphic details of slavery to white people, in exchange for donations that covered food and shelter. She often would take whatever money she had and send it back to her family, or to help other slaves have food to eat. She also would attend these women’s suffrage meetings that were created by a majority of white women. These white women would use images of a black woman slave suffering, and equate that struggle to the pain of white feminists in a white misogynistic patriarchal society. These men could be very abusive, both physically and emotionally. There was little to no respect of women in general, during slavery. White women got a kick out of this and created feminism, where this sense of sisterhood and shared pain could be addressed in a space where someone would listen. Men often liked a woman who was submissive and compliant. For this reason, many head mistresses yearned for this safe haven. As time passed on: the civil war was fought, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves to gain northern acceptance, and blacks were left with no ability other than picking cotton.  The feminist suffrage group that once was accepting of slaves, had changed. It was 1863 and Susan B. Anthony, with a host of other white feminists wanted nothing to do with blacks or black women. These women were against voting rights for blacks, because they felt blacks were too inferior to have an opinion about anything. We as blacks couldn’t read, write, or do anything special beyond the servitude to whites. Most black women were domestic’s or house servants to whites for paltry sums of money, and got treated like dog shit while white women got on par with white supremacy. Despite using slave women as pawns to get their movement off the ground, suffrage feminists had harbored a negative view towards black women. The black woman was seen as a sexual tool that white men said were very seductive in the bedroom, especially mullatos. These men would gloat about these sexual conquests to other affluent white men, which mistresses would eventually hear of and stew amongst themselves. This stigma was woeful and incorrect, black women were continually raped and forced to be a victim of sexual abuse. As a slave you weren’t considered a human, and had no rights, so these assaults continued until the emancipation proclamation. Despite all of that, you still have black women like Jackee celebrating a racist white feminist.

This tweet is beyond ignorant. That is like me saying “If it wasn’t for the atlantic slave trade and colonialism, we wouldn’t be in such a beautiful country”. What is even crazier is the thread on that tweet. It is absolutely ridiculous. This tweet happened on election day, which is even worse. I love black women who celebrate black womanhood, all I am saying is, STAY WOKE.

Another thing, for my brothers out here gang banging and slanging, just like this video depicts above. We have to link up and get past this generational hood beef of dead homies that ain’t coming back, and form a truce. It has happened before, back in 1992 during the Los Angeles riots, but it is especially important right now. We need to truce up all neighborhoods and be on code against any hate groups that are attempting to harm us. This whole “I’m crip and you blood, and we everybody killa” bullshit must get put to rest like a dead homie. We don’t have time in this racially radicalized environment to be killing each other over 40 year gang beefs, when black people are already targeted just for wearing a hoodie, or sagging pants. A pack of skittles could be misconstrued as a weapon to a race soldier. We are at a point in America where you are gonna have to choose your race over your gang allegiance, plain and simple. I understand this may be wishful thinking, but these hood legends are going to have to take a stand for whats important in their kids lives.

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    1. I’m definitely about to go in on that. Its a coincidence you said that because that was part 2. This Trump stuff just has me inspired to write more. I’m done with making people feel comfortable. Now we can all be honest and say what we feel.

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