What’s going on WordPress family. It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. I am just enjoying being a new homeowner. I have many stories to tell about my escapades and new neighbors. But for now this is just an update to let you guys know what’s going on. Me and Tareau of  thecouchsports.com made a video on the hidden messages of Get Out and it has been the most successful video I’ve ever made to date. I look forward to collaborating with him in the future. I want to thank him for being such a great co-host and guest. 

As you can see I have been trying to do some gardening. I purchased that dragon from a Pottery Shop and painted it myself. I recently read Native Son by Richard Wright. It is an exceptional book that I wish I would have read sooner. There is no place in the world like the WordPress family. As far as the LET project, things haven’t been moving along so perfect. Maybe it was because of my schedule and moving or maybe it was because a loss of Interest on the inmates part. I truly do not know what it is but I feel like it’s my fault that the project is failing.  I still have some ideas in the works but there is no guarantee with success. Like with anything in life it takes hard work, determination and perseverance.

I really hope that this podcast stuff takes off because I love doing it. With all of the recent events going on I have a lot of stuff to say, but I’m currently trying to figure out where to set up my recording booth. My daughter is running everywhere around the house, jumping in every room. She is excited about the new house and the freedom that comes along with it, so it becomes hard to record when your daughter is so excited. Lol. The MIL situation is still in play, and still making me miserable, but I’m dealing with it the best way possible. Tell me what’s been good with you guys.


Inside Eddie’s Daydream #27

Good Lord, you cannot make this kind of stuff up. It has been Monday morning since I last talked to my  real estate agent and read him his ass. The conversation didn’t get anywhere at all, because this guy emailed me this morning with an interesting spin on the situation. He personally emailed us confirming that he didn’t do shit for the past two months, and has decided to hand our file(s) over to his agent that’s shown us property in the past two months. He had the unmitigated gall to label the email “Passing of the torch”. This guy is a complete douchebag of an agent. I want to report his ass to the board of Realtors, but my wife wants me to leave the pettiness behind. He only sent his so-called assistant agent a file that we received a counter offer on (“the kings palace”) and left out the other 3 offers we put in. No updates or follow up’s. This guy was fucking me over the whole time. I have another agent that I am flirting with who does everything we ask her to. I just want to leave the situation with the past real estate agent in the past and start over with a new clean slate, but I feel bad because the assistant never dogged me out and we actually loved the guy. This shit has me so jaded I don’t know what to do. Such an awkward ass quagmire to be in. Smh. 

Inside Eddie’s Daydream #20

These daydreams really have helped me out with my daily writing. I can just take 15-20 mins out of my day and freestyle without  worry. I just recently wrote about what blacks need to do under Trump. And it seems like everything that I said it’s coming into fruition. Now what I’m hearing is a lot of white folks say that we need to give Donald Trump a chance, even Dave Chappelle said so.
Donald Trump just hired a chief strategist that is an open white supremacist AKA white nationalist. He is the second best candidate a white supremacist could choose, other than David Duke.  He recently did an interview with 60 minutes appearing more presidential. In so many words he says he will build a wall near Mexico, deport 3 million immigrants, and make blacks safer by arresting more blacks. Sounds like a doubling down of what he intends to do. This implies that blacks commit the most crime despite only being 13 percent of the population. Whites being 62 percent and committing more crimes overall means nothing. The bottom line is we don’t have a choice but to prepare for more hate crimes. He tells his supporters to “stop it” when he gets confronted by the interviewer about it, but mentions nothing about law and order, like he does when it comes to Mexicans and Blacks.

In my next ” what black people need to recognize under Trump” we go into more strategies that will be constructive. 
As far as my Let project, the books I’ve sent AJ are delivered and my letter is sealed off and shipped, hopefully we will get more letters to see what other inmates wish to participate. I really want to change someone’s life for the better. I wrote some women that were incarcerated too, I wanted it to be a balance of women and men. We shall see what happens. I’m thinking of getting a website and promoting it on Facebook with advertising. Don’t know how to make a beautiful website, but I think I can find some with a beautiful layout. The more inmates I get, the more I may beg you guys for money via Patreon, since PayPal is pro-trump. 
I guess that’s it.

P.S: And shout out to a follower who told me I’m in her top ten, despite disagreeing with me a good amount. That really made my day. Most people who disagree would flat out block and unfollow, but she remains loyal. That is one hell of a compliment to me. I think I make a lot of people disgruntled with some of the stuff I say. If my wife gets irritated by me, I know you guys do. Lmao!


Inside Eddie’s Daydream #19

I am teeming with enthusiasm. Today, I will go to my p.o.box and see if I’ve received any letters from inmates. I’m ready to get this let project off of the ground. 
My mind has been firing on all cylinders since this Trump election. You guys really shouldn’t miss my next post about what blacks need to recognize under Trump. I will break everything down as far as the Trump protests go, and how media divides us on purpose. My take on blue lives matter and the unreported shootings that have happened. It’s going to be a post that will probably make you uncomfortable, but I hope it does, because we now live under a ruler who doesn’t mince words. 




Inside Eddie’s Daydream #17

😂😂😂 The look on Obama’s face when he shook Donald Trump’s hands. 

Wow. I know he was grimacing inside at the fact that a man he once laughed off at a roast would climb to presidency. Remember this:

White America disagreed and took a stance to “bring this country back to what it was founded as”. I’m not making light of it as a joke, I’m serious.

Liberals are looking for a scape goat. I’ve seen articles blaming Colin kaepernick (black men), to articles blaming  Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. None of them referring to the fact that the DNC failed this year. From symbolism to calling poor white folks in the bible belt ‘deplorables’, which is code word for poor white trash. These were the same people who she rallied around when she needed those votes to defeat Obama in 2008, but distanced herself from them to get celebrity endorsements and media pundit endorsements. Middle America got pissed and it showed up in the electoral college votes. 
All of the protesting and rioting, hastags, tweets and crying won’t stop us from these next 4 Trump years. Merica’ had spoken and we are entering a country of Trump-ology. 


Inside Eddie’s Daydream #10

Lately I have been thinking about some incredible ideas. Of course, I make it a habit to write them down, but I really want to start something new.

I don’t wanna quit my job and backpack in Europe. However, there is a part of me that yearns to start something magical. Something that gives me more passion than money. Each book I read, the vague picture becomes clearer in my head.
I got some other decent news besides the MIL situation. My daughter is entering the age of prekindergarten and we are school hunting {really my wife is the one who is school hunting}, and we have decided that private school would work best for now. My daughter went to one of the prospective schools to participate in an aptitude test of some sort. Long story short, she aced it. The teacher who tested her was aghast and said my child is gifted. She continued on saying that my child would need custom made curriculum, because the other kids wouldn’t be at her level. 

Teachers get really irritated at parents who say, “My child is REALLLLY smart!”, because it comes off as pretentious and pompous. I researched information for parents who faced similar situations and came across this blog who slammed parents like me and my wife. Here it is:

I loved how the parent ethered the teacher. Lol.

Seriously, I think they both have a point. The only thing I can do is keep taking my daughter to the library, and doing math with her. Emotionally, my daughter isn’t ready for skipping a grade. That is out of question, but she is reading bedtime stories to HER grandmother at night. Lol. She gets mad at me for trying to read to her, she wants to read to me. Everything will be alright.