No easy way, really.

Recently I seen news that Steve Harvey decided to sit down with Trump, despite originally being against him. Many people considered that as a ‘sell-out’move.


This meeting stirred a lot of disgust among black celebrities on social media. Especially since Steve Harvey has been on record of being against Trump. It looks like Steve Harvey flipped like a pancake.

Another thing, I cringe when people bring up the “WILLIE LYNCH SYNDROME”, which is a completely made up piece of paper that was found in the 1990’s. From what I researched, this theory is completely fabricated. I doubt slave masters adhered to this code. Question everything.

Look I am going to keep it way too 100 with ya’ll. I am not opposed to Donald Trump meeting up with Steve Harvey. I don’t trust that Trump will do anything different in comparison to Obama. I have to ask myself that if Hillary Clinton met with Steve Harvey would this be such a big deal? I don’t think so. I know that Trump doesn’t have black people(s) best interest at bay, we can see that from the open white supremacists that he hired, but fuck it. He still is elected as the President of The United States of Amerikkka, i meant America. Trump is in control of the country, and it appears that as enigmatic as Donald Trump may be, he will at least pretend to listen to black peoples concerns. I am not co-signing Trump, but I know that he at least listened to one of my idols. Dr. Claud Anderson, author of Black Labor, White Wealth, has been in a legal fight against the USA for African American reparations. The Obama administration wouldn’t even listen to him, but the Trump administration did. I cannot pretend to know what Trump has in store. Trump is very unpredictable and impetuous, recently calling out Rep. John Lewis {civil rights luminary} on twitter. Hiring Jeff Sessions, and several other open white nationalists. It doesn’t appear that Pres-Elect Trump would listen to issues that impact our community beyond arresting more of us inside of the “inner-city”– which is a code word for ghetto black area. It appears however, that his actions show that he will attempt to listen. Ā I think many of us, especially black people who hold the democratic party as a shield that protects us from evil racist powers, see President Obama as a celebrity that accomplished the impossible feat. He was a bigger celebrity than many presidents before him. Once anyone black criticizes Obama, you get ostracized as a person who is a coon, or Uncle Tom. The fact remains that Obama is a little bit over-rated in the black community. If Obama was a white man, he would’ve never gotten the pass that he did when it came to issues of police brutality and corporate bailouts. He never held the bankers accountable for corruption, and sauntered and two stepped his swag into black peoples hearts. He is everything we want our sons and daughters to aspire to be, so we collectively never questioned him or his shortcomings at all. Many times he had to walk a tight-rope of not appearing too black, but being black enough to sing motown songs, and reference rap lyrics at formal events. I like how J. Cole speaks about this in his second verse of his newly released single. Starting at the 1:26 mark


I’m going off on a tangent to say, that I don’t see anything wrong with questioning a president’s motives, but let’s be fair in criticizing leadership. Many of these guys wouldn’t be as critical of Hillary Clinton as they are of Trump. Clinton and Trump may achieve the same goals, just in different approaches. Trump may choose to start implementing a law directly, while Clinton may choose to be discreet about it, distracting us with identity politics and popular celebrities. Politicians main objectives are to please the corporations that fund their campaign, not the people who vote for them. Hence, the reason you have super-pac’s that fund politicians to get bills put into law. The bottom line is the bottom line.


20 thoughts on “No easy way, really.

  1. Brotha Eddie we have to get you on the show man. This was what we talked about today on podcast #41. Had brotha Darryl as a guest.

    I didn’t know that about Willie Lynch syndrome. Wow I have to research that myself.

    I agree with Obama and police brutality. Claud Anderson predicted this 20+ years ago and it’s going on today. The Democratic party and black people is the ultimate swindle job in our community.

    We also have to factor, why is Donald Trump president? Imagery. Power. Celebratity Status. Etc. This was to show the country that old white men run the country. OPEC, big oil, big tobacco, big pharma, Hallerburton etc. They are threatened not only by us, but by change. To them a liberal billionaire CEO tech guy, is their worst nightmare because they represent change. Same sex marriage, interracial dating, etc. This election was about power. Also factor in alot of people did not want bill Clinton back in the white house.

    How many of our rappers in the 90s want to be “Trump like” or “Rich like trump” or “be in lounging in the Trump towers” We hold wealth over everything. Wasn’t snoop Dogg at trumps roast on comedy central? We have to stop admiring the dollar. It’s funny that you have to keep prefacing that you are not a Trump supporter because you know how our black people are! As soon as we defer from the “Black Norm” we are labeled.

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    1. Wow. I have to listen to that podcast! You are nailing it on the head about why America loves Trump. What some hate him for, is what many people love him for. Many of these guys idolized Trump in their songs, but now that they’ve become part of the trendy #blacktwitter they can’t break free from group-think.

      Trump is probably a racist and everything he’s put his self out there to be, but he still is the guy in the presidential seat at the end of the day. He can either use his power to be productive or destructive. I hope its the former, but I just don’t know or understand Trump beyond the crazy shit he has both said and done. Or the alleged celebrities that he has co-signing him. Its a campaign that is complete confusion.

      Yes, I must preface that I AM NOT A. TRUMP SUPPORTER. Because I know the flow of my blogpost and how it comes off, and I know how quick (my) folks can misinterpret the moral of the story as an endorsement. Lol

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      1. In a crazy way, isn’t it the American dream to be under qualified for a position and get to a position of power just based off popularity? It’s something we as Americans promote.

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      2. Yes, very true. I think Trump is who many folks want to identify themselves as. He hornswoggled his way into poor middle white class peoples hearts, making them believe that he was speaking for them despite never being poor ever. This man was born wealthy. Some even used his bankruptcy to claim he struggled. Smh. People like who they like and will make any excuse for them. Its the same bullshit for Hillary Clinton supporters, they will overlook her shortcomings or past no matter what facts lay before them.

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      3. Both are allies of the pedophile Jeffery Epstein. In fact in a 2002 NY times Magazine Trump said “I’ve known Jeffrey for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” And according to the wiki leaks manifest, The Clinton’s were on at least a dozen of Epstein’s planes to fly to Africa for the Clinton foundation/anti aids work. Unfortunately we live in a bipartisan system. Do you think if other nominees won the primary things would be different?


      4. To be honest, I look at things from a black perspective so my answer may not be fair, but I don’t really think so.

        The so called imaginary best candidate would still have to lay in bed with the same businesses who run the world. Money runs everything. This is why you can buy most people out of their position or stance for the right price.

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      5. Hahahahha yea man We CDL Bros. Hahahahahahha. Dave and his hife are also commercial drivers as well. We would love to get you on man. Talk about whatever you want. We didn’t even have a premise.

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      6. Yes most def. We are trying man. We want the show to be as its advertised. “The couch” u come over, sit down, talk, say what’s really on your mind without any filters or bs, and try to learn something while having a good time. Black people need to know that we can disagree on various amounts of things and not be enemies nor have animosity towards one.

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  2. Hi Eddies, How’s the house hunting going?

    Thank you for being frank. Like you I think it was acceptable to meet with President-Elect Trump. Similarly, I don’t expect Trump to enhance the lives of the poor white America’s never mind the black people. It is simply not in his nature or history as this blog page illustrates.(

    Nonetheless, I think Hilary Clinton would have been better a choice, except she is a woman and America was not ready to vote a woman as the Commander-In-Chief (

    As for Obama, I think he was special, but that does not mean he is not accountable or did not make mistakes. Being a black face is a white place is exceptionally difficult. However, Apart from Iceland who refused to bail out all the banks, no country appears to have imprisoned the bankers. At least Obama signed into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2010) to re-regulate the financial sector. Here, we simply engaged in the politics of Austerity. So, the government has cut public services to pay for the bank bailout. Perhaps worse, legislation has made life easier for banks!

    Keep them coming Eddie, I enjoy your blogs.


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  3. There is an old saying: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” I think of Trump as the enemy, which means I want to know what he is doing, saying and thinking, even though it often makes me ill. We need to know, we need people to talk to him, to ask him what he is thinking, what he is planning, and to hold his feet to the fire, to hold him accountable. Whether it is Steve Harvey, Anderson Cooper, Fareed Zakaria, or George Stephanopoulos makes no difference … they all need to keep tabs on this “man”, for our fates, unfortunately, lie with him.

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      1. I actually looked into moving to Canada early last year, but then I said to myself, “No, this is my home and I will stay and fight until my last breath” … said last breath may come sooner than later if this stress level keeps up! šŸ˜¦

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