Inside Eddie’s Daydream #21

Went to the mailbox yesterday to see if I received any letters and I got nothing, smh. What in the hell will it take to get more inmates to participate? I will have to double my efforts and send another thirteen letters this weekend. I already roped 1/13 inmates. Next time I will send a stamp and envelope with the letter to see if that is more effective.

Many of them are like, Why in the hell do you want to help me?… Why am I special? I have to convince them that I want nothing else other than to improve their mindset. It is almost like a mindset barrier that many men and women have to break open, in order to allow help. I’m not giving up, just realizing that I have to reach the ones who are open to change.


6 thoughts on “Inside Eddie’s Daydream #21

  1. I really think that what you do here is quite honourable in trying to help people. But I know that world, (unfortunately) and most people in that world they are there because of their own choosing, they choose the criminal life. I´ve been in and out of jail too. Until 4 years ago. And I still have some “things”· pending so who knows when they will appear, normally when everything seems to be going well in life I get slapped in the face by something I did in the past. I think is great what you do but if I meet some of my old “friends”(in that world you don´t have friends) and tell them that I have this job for them, and a stable house e.t.c. They´ll look at me as if I´m nuts, I still see them. We shake hands, say a couple of jokes and out I go on my own path. Wich is a hard one since I pretty much know only that life in my adulthood, apart from my army days. And probably before at a smaller scale I have always had the side job if you will of committing criminal acts even while I had stable jobs. So really it was up to me and only me. As much help as my family wanted to provide me I rejected it. But I guess there is always a chance that you may help one out of 1000. The odds are stack against you, you are not dealing with very nice people to say the least. But I do admire your commitment, I really do. So keep up your good work, hopefully it pans out in the long run.

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  2. Eddie, you have to remember that patience is the key to your dream. What you’re doing is very admirable just hang in there and try not to get discouraged.

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