What blacks need to recognize under Trump (Part 3)

We need to practice the 22nd law of power. Surrender and turn that weakness into power. We have given the democratic party our votes for several decades, only to be left behind until next election. If you are a democrat, and you’re black, then you need to demand that the next politician that panders to you next election, can show you a policy that will impact your community. In the meantime, you need to realize the flaw of being dependent on a system that is built to keep the prosperous wealthy, and the poor people working for eternity. How can we reorganize and restructure our communities? What can you do that will improve the life of your family? We are in a state of racial tension that hasn’t been matched since the 1940’s and 50’s. You have the KKK grouping Blacks and Jews as targets for violence. Practice your 2nd amendment rights and practice the art of self-defense. Now is not the time to be seen out in the streets protesting as an open target. You want to be as invisible as possible. Take the Dashiki off, along with the Kemetic Ankh and Malcolm X hat. Study the “Sundown Towns” in your area, it is as simple as a google search, and enter your state next to it. You have to surrender to a power that is greater than you. Trump will be POTUS whether you like it or not, and his supporters will be looking to stoke fear through violence of minorities. Enter a self-defense class, and visit your gun-range to get accustomed to using your firearm. Lord forbid that you actually have to use it, but its better to defend your life, than be a victim and not have one.


It’s unfortunate, but you may have to tell your kids to stay in areas that have a mixed population like big cities. Don’t walk down all-white neighborhoods that you aren’t familiar with. If you attend a concert, don’t hesitate to pay an extra 20-40 dollars for parking to avoid walking an extra distance past dark areas where perpetrators may lurk. Many times, a white supremacist will antagonize you to incite a reaction from you. When you respond back to retaliate, they will execute you and chalk it up as self-defense.  Don’t fall for that trick. I’ve seen it happen a gazillion times in history books.


When you are in a system where black lives don’t matter to anyone, you must calculate your moves wisely. Figure out ways to improve your community the best way you know how. Strategically think of how we can thrive under Trump. From a business aspect, there will be far more incentives to start a business, compared to working.Working for an employer should be key, until you can finish off your debts. Fight whatever powers are holding you back financially. These may be 4-8 years of serious budgeting to knock down debt. If you are overwhelmed with debt, consider bankruptcy. Hell, our president-elect had no problem doing it to get his money right. We have to think about strategy. Take a small loss now, for a huge gain long term. Stop patronizing white businesses in white areas where you aren’t welcome. Take that same money and go to a black-owned business in a predominately black part of town. If the black business lacks great service, ask for a manager and tell them what they could improve on before you return. This can really help a black business owner get feedback on how he or she can improve their business. Join local black groups who share the same interests as you. Visit more city council meetings in your neighborhood and bring your kids with you so they have a better sense of politics when they get older. Vote locally, be vocal where it counts and stay vigilant. If you have the time and energy, take your kids to attend the annual National Night Out event to meet and greet the local officers. If you take your kids often enough, a few these officers may recognize your child and be lenient. You can’t miss a black kid at a police appreciation event. It may or may not work, there is no guarantee your teenage child may get pulled over by the cops who recognize him or her. Or maybe they will, I guess it depends on time and circumstance, but its the start of mending a fence between blacks and police officers. In my mind, there are far more good cops, than rogue ones. For many of us, we think having the least contact with officers is best, we may have to group up locally to show appreciation of the good cops who serve the community. I can already hear the disagreement with this method, but its a start. Whether ineffective or not, whatever we have been trying before isn’t working, so we need to try something new.



We need to assemble with each other and build. It may seem backwards to segregate ourselves from daily life outside of work, but it may serve us best to improve our community and race first, before turning to non-blacks and asking for help. We need  more black empowerment, less black power. There is no black power, without black empowerment. Building your own neighborhood of black businesses and patronizing these black businesses, is the most powerful thing a black person can do. Solutions like gofundme pages instead of banks to raise money for businesses, may be an option worth looking at. The answers WILL NOT come from politicians or government. We have to enhance and build up each other.



We need to submit and surrender, while organizing and turning our weaknesses into strengths. These 4-8 years of Trump, can be the opportunity  for us to make major changes in our approach. I am dreaming that one day, through these troublesome times we can turn street gangs into what they originally were, community empowerment groups. Hopefully through the let project, I can inspire men who come from the streets, to emphasize the importance of education and reading books. If I can empower one person, that can change a group of men into scholars, we could create the beginning of a national movement. We can show young men that they actually do matter, and it is never too late to become a leader, even in prison.


2 thoughts on “What blacks need to recognize under Trump (Part 3)

  1. I realize that as a white man, I have no idea what I’m talking about. But I think your advice about exercising your 2nd Amendment rights are spot-on. In fact some of my friends who are people of color are talking about getting concealed carry permits. I’d recommend women do the same, because I know Trump supporters have been sexually assaulting women since the election. Black lives already didn’t matter in the eyes of many (maybe even most) white Americans, and that’s going to be even more true now. I currently live in Whitey McWhiteville, and the klan was putting black people in intensive care BEFORE the election. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen now.

    Like you said, the black community will really need to focus on empowering itself during these 4-8 years. The government can not be relied upon to do the right thing (as if it ever could).

    But again, I’m a white man sitting atop a festering pile of privilege. So I could be completely wrong.

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    1. You. Couldn’t. Be. More. Accurate. Thanks Josh, your assessment is spot on. And what you said about the Klan during Obama’s campaign is correct. Its already been happening, its only going to intensify. šŸ’ÆšŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘


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