COLIN KAEPERNICK & HBCU’S (allegedly selling out)


Ladies and gentlemen, I go by the name of Eddie Star and in this video below I broach the topic of Colin Kaepernick (allegedly) not participating in the anthem protests anymore. Kaepernick now claims that he has seen improvement in America. Many people have concluded that Kaep is now selling out and his whole “righteousness” act was a complete sham. I drop knowledge on my thoughts on Colin Kaepernick.


HBCU’s decided to meet with Trump this week also, and have said that they got played. Many people on social media, especially Black Twitter mocked the hell out of them and called these guys Sambos and sellouts. In this video I touch on this from a historical aspect. Very interesting take on this, I promise you.


5 thoughts on “COLIN KAEPERNICK & HBCU’S (allegedly selling out)

  1. The parallels between Steve Harvey, Colin Kaepernick, Booker T, and HBCU’s are lack of support/resources. It’s that simple. I hate that other races must know about their culture in their youth, but we don’t. I hate that we have to beg for support from our own people but other races do not.

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    1. That’s the exact issue. Money = resources, and sometimes athletes and entertainers resort to cooning because they have no other financial branch to fall on. We are excellent at making memes and jokes, but do a poor job of supporting our own businesses/leaders. Look at how many leaders and heroes of ours died poor. Marcus Garvey to Huey P. Newton, the cycle continues to this day. Most people laugh Huey p off as a drug addict, but forget how hard he risked his life for the entire race. Imagine sticking up for an entire race and not receiving the support you imagined. When it comes to altruism and fundraiser funding, liberal whites are the ones dropping money in your coffers (for black empowerment), but the blacks are the ones critical of your every move. It really does suck that its like that. BTW, we are killing it on the “get out” video. We got like 80 views so far. Lol


      1. I personally feel like we have to tithe with support regardless if how much money we make. Imagine if my daughter needed $10,000 for college. And I was to ask 20,000 black people for 50 cents each. Problem solved right? I hope we develop a pay it forward mentality and stop pocket watching everyone else. Wow 80 views, hell yea that’s what I’m talking about.

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      2. Im truly shocked. This isn’t foreign for something sports related, but for a film that pretty damn good. My wife loved our review, it gave her a deeper perspective of the film.

        As far as the pay it forward mentality, it’s gonna take some kind of miracle to make that happen. We would need an entire culture shift. That is what I anticipated with the election of Obama via 2008 and beyond. I thought that us as blacks would get on some step our game up shit, but the facts remain that it’s hard to gather support from our community. We are programmed to pay attention to the petty shit, whose beefing with who and what happened on twitter or instagram.

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