6 thoughts on “Watch “Beyonce Got Snubbed!” on YouTube

  1. Not a Beyonce fan so I’ll try to be unbiased. I know that she didn’t win the Grammy for best album is simple: dominate society is still mad at her for the Superbowl performance last year. Also I like your sentiment if all those big wig artists got together but unfortunately, that will never happen. Black music needs white America because we don’t support our own. I don’t know anyone who has $100,000 to have Jay-Z perform at a wedding who is African American. We as black people do not have that type of income to support those artists who live that lifestyle. It’s a lose lose honestly. Donald Glover Atlanta series is dope and I’m loving the authenticity of it too. What these Puffys, Dr. Dres, Beyonces, need to do is figure out how to do more business within the Black communities. They have the power to start removing these “Lyor Cohens” and “Clive Davis'” out from the top.

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    1. You are right, it may not be feasible in the United States of America, but internationally it is very possible. We need to have a global pan-african pride among ourselves. Think about it, Adele is not from USA, but does business out here. She is a worldwide artist. If ‘if’ was a 5th, we would all be drunk. Lol. Maybe I’m too much of a wishful thinker. Thanks Tareau.

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      1. This concept will never happen, because all of those artists don’t care about black empowerment over white acceptance. They are more concerned with getting a ‘seat at the table’ over building their own table, unfortunately.

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