6 thoughts on “Watch “Nick Cannon & The Smear Campaign” on YouTube

  1. I don’t know why everybody called Nick Cannon corny. He worked hard and he did it his way. I’ve always supported Nick. I also know that Will Smith was his mentor and I have a strange feeling that Nick didn’t wanna join the scientology religion and that’s part of what’s happening. Nick will be good. He’s always been a great talented black man

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    1. I think its something about him where people feel like throwing shade. I think it started with his rap career, then movies, then mariah Carey marriage. He felt like a ‘wannabe’ for a long time, but it seems as of lately he has grown into full consciousness. He is on his knowledge tip, I can tell he is on point when he speaks now. Nick Cannon is solid IMO

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      1. On some joking ish (in my Dave Chappelle voice) “Man F Nick Cannon” hahahahhahaahahahha. Naw but I’ve always thought it was cool that he was being him. He wasn’t tryna be a gangsta just a brotha who is always trying new things. I also liked your sentiment on the best rapper or singer statement.

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  2. Good podcast bro. I like the soft instrumental in the background – smooth!

    Great points about white men controlling the media. There are only 5-6 corporations that control all of the information we “get” to hear on a daily basis. They control the newspapers, the radio stations, the journals – all of that is regulated. You are right: we have to be aware of the bullshit at all times.

    Black folks in the media are expendable. This Nick Cannon case is a reminder. The media exists for the sake of perpetuating propaganda to uphold the status quo. Black people are allowed in the media only to the extent that what they say/do fulfills the agenda of those who dominate it. There are, really, only two types of black folks in the media: the stereotypical black person (i.e. the “ni**er” or the “ratchet” – as seen on Love & Hip Hop), or the well-to-do professionalized black puppet who simply parrots what white folks want. Wayne Brady, as you said, is a prime example. And I will add another name with the utmost disrespect intended: Steve Harvey. He is a boot-licking coon – and that is why he is on Family Feud, that is why he has his own TV show, and that is why he had a top grossing movie in theaters about marriage (even though he is on his third one! lmao). He met with Donald Trump … I mean, geez. Nick Cannon was unwilling to bow to the pressure – so they are going to find the next docile and facile negro to put in his place.

    Good stuff bro. And P.S. I have had that Dave Hollister song on repeat for over a week now lol

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    1. Wow, thanks Brotha Darryl. Dave Hollister killed that song (one woman man) Nick Cannon has to face the noise for going up against the establishment. This is what Byron Allen was trying to sue these media companies for, lack of parity in media ownership. These white men are in complete control of what we say, act, and do in media. The moment you speak out on injustice, they will make you look like a nutjob to tarnish your reputation.


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