The Let Project Update & “Cleaning up America”(podcast)

In this episode I give an update on the progress of the L.E.T. Project and the current process of “Cleaning Up America” by bringing America back to it’s core values. I also talk about the : BLM Kidnapping, Jamar Clark Protest shooting, Trump removing white supremacist groups from the terrorist watch list, and purging black people through traps.



Duration: 50 mins


2 thoughts on “The Let Project Update & “Cleaning up America”(podcast)

  1. Brilliant show Eddie. 1st I think the LET project will be fine, it’s just your name isn’t big enough. Unfortunately guys like us aren’t seen as a celebrity and even though the cause is great, people will only bring attention to rh8ngs when it benefits themselves. I hate how society is a popularity contest. 2nd, yes another word we can use is “Conservative Christian” to be synonymous with White Nationalist. One reason why a lot of racist feels this way is because they feel if the masses are pushing an inclusive society, than what about their values. What about their hatred or qualms. Example: Notice how the Superbowl commercials show everyone co-mingling and being inclusive? They hate that, because in middle America and in the bible belt, they don’t see that. Also I feel you on the training that the Panthers had, I feel today we need to train our brothas and sistas on how not to respond when antagonized. Me personally, I am in Anger management so that is what’s helping me. It’s just the sit ins back in the day where they would tell the group, “Hey we are going to get called NIGGER, spat on, hosed, dogs, etc, but we must not respond!” I’m not sure how strong you have to be to put up with that. Is there any advice you would give? 3rd. I also really enjoy your commentary on the Trump situation because like you, I understand the liberal media will embellish the truths for their ratings. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be informed about the Chicago and other things. Keep it up. Also you’re not on soundcloud anymore?

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    1. The inclusionary themes were taking a toll on my brain. I saw so much liberal whitewashing, I wanted to hurl out the buffalo wings I was eating. Lol.

      Is there any advice I would give about strategy?..absolutely. We must strategize in combating the system of white supremacy, in all areas. Boosting African American recruitment in law enforcement, becoming acquainted with the local laws in your community and pressing local officials who depend on AA votes to do what they promise, or face backlash and resistance, using public group funding to power African American legal firms, forming militia’s instead of street gangs, African Americans also need to form more book clubs, form African American super PAC’s that address the unfair funding in education, forming our own media outlets. That’s only a fraction, I could go on and on. Hopefully I answered that correctly.

      SoundCloud is charging me money to upload for more minutes, so I will have to delete and upload new shows in order to use SoundCloud. In the meantime I will use YouTube until I find another podcast outlet. Thanks for listening to that long as podcast.

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