The “Trump isn’t that bad, I’ve Got Racist Friends!” Episode



In this episode I talk about some strange dialogue I listened to at a job opening. They were telling each other “Trump isn’t that bad, I’ve got racist friends!” 

Check out my youtube at EddieStar TV below, you will be guaranteed a LOL, or LMFAO!!

DURATION: 15 mins



4 thoughts on “The “Trump isn’t that bad, I’ve Got Racist Friends!” Episode

  1. Brother Eddie that was a funny but yet informative podcast. I laugh so hard because of the narrative that you just said yesterday. How ironic that it happened to you the next day right? Now I also like the fact that you brought up covert racism or covert homophobia and the reasoning for this I personally believe it is because of the influx of social media. Everybody wants to be accepted everybody thinks they’re comedian, everybody thinks it’s all good because you see white people and black people liking Steph Curry or listening to a Drake song but these are just hidden mirrors pretty much. Smoke and mirrors that’s all it is it’s an illusion. People’s social media Avatar now dictates the fate of their existence. Just think about it jobs will now go on your social media before hiring you and determine that you might not be a fit for their company because of something you said on social media. It has really been used for the bad with the exception of people like yourself I feel are the 15% that actually use social media for what it’s for. To get information to keep up on current news that. People skills in humanity has drastically dropped to an all-time low and part of that is because we want and need to be distracted. Distracted with what’s going on in the economy. Distracted by real housewives. Distracted by MMA etc. As you alluded to earlier in the podcast people are buying homes, fuel is that a good price so people are distracted by these narratives. Crime is down gas is down or fuel is down. Beyonce’s pregnant with twins you know these type of narratives. But behind our backs as you alluded to on the earlier podcast as well discriminatory bills are being signed the militias gearing up for Chicago Executive Orders excetera excetera so for me it’s the ultimate Swindle job and I’m glad that you are bringing this problem to light. Please do not stop with the podcast you not stopped anything that you’re doing the let project making stories blogs this is a fantastic Outlet brother and I appreciate you peace out

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      1. Hahahahah yes. It might sound crazy, but when I visit the south, I appreciate the racism being open. At least I know who to stay away from. Here it’s a mystery.

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