More hot tea 🐸🍵

So, everything has begun and it is more uncomfortable than what I anticipated. With another person being inside the house, everything becomes cramped. Cooking food, watching TV, using the restroom, everything. Conversations become muted to hide personal sentiments. I just cannot take it. I am trying my best to make best of the situation, by staying outside of the house until 9 p.m.

Of course my wife loves the situation. Who wouldn’t like their mom lifting some of the mommy duties and responsibilities. As for me, I am ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE!!! I get anxiety attacks before pulling inside the house. In a sense, I have become catatonic and numb to conversation. I have to go inside of a zone to cope with the stress. It has barely been a week and I have been going mad, wondering when will this end. Part of me envies the times when I had the privacy of relaxing at home.

With that being said, what else can one do but become an extrovert? I have to adapt to the situation whether I like it or not. So this means more time to worry about me. Going to the gym, visiting mom, or old friends, and even going to the movies. Maybe I might take a self-defense class or go listen to an audio book while walking at the park. I have to do something, because home is not what it used to be.

My wife is beckoning me to go on a vacation, but I can’t bring myself to going on a vacation while not handling the bigger problem at home. I would rather spend money on helping her mom get an apartment. What do you guys think? I value your opinion. Comment below.