What Black america needs to recognize under Trump (Part 1)



#1. Black people need to see how racist America really is – We have been blinded by the election of Obama, and forgot about the Bush years. We forgot about the neglect America showed during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We have been too caught up in lies of a post-racial society. Take a look at the results and you will see there were lots of people that appeared liberal with Jill Stein or Hillary signs in front of their yard, but voted Trump. These people voted for Trump on the low, because they didn’t want the stigma that comes along with voting for Trump. If you had majority white neighbors and Malcolm X was running for president, would you put out his campaign sign on your lawn? Probably not, because many white folks would suspect you of being a violent black person who hates white people. You may have white friends who you don’t wish to offend, but you love everything Malcolm X is talking about. This is the same thing with these pro-trump voters. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHO DONALD TRUMP IS AND WHAT HE STANDS FOR. DON’T  LET THE WHITE-SPLAINING FOOL YOU. White supremacists are master deceivers and have been mastering their craft since colonialism, they have been taught how to play oblivious around black people. History repeats itself, over and over, and if this election hasn’t proven that, then remain a fool. Ask a white supremacist why did he or she vote Donald Trump, they will lie and tell you he represents change. In other words: “We are not only tired of the niggers with the black lives matter signs, we need to get rid of these fucking Mexican’s also. We are tired of all these Mexican’s overpopulating the united states, if we don’t put a stop to these Mexican’s who cross the border and commit crimes, than they will be the majority telling whites what to do. If we want to protect our race, we have to build a big freaking wall –that Mexico will pay for– to keep those damn Mexican’s out of here. These immigrants come here and take all of the damn jobs. Trump will make sure that America has more jobs available in the U.S. and white Americans will obtain them. He said he grabbed pussy ten years ago, have you heard the things that Jay-Z has said? We have to get rid of the LBGTQ circus as well, men should be with women and not other men. Bullying is no big deal, because I’ve been bullied and these new-age people make a big deal out of everything. That’s what I miss about the old America, we used to say what the fuck we wanted to, and not care. And what about these Muslims who come here and commit Terror, we need to put them through extreme vetting to prevent another 9/11 attack from happening. Trump is gonna protect white america, just watch and see.”

It is not Trump who people are worried about. It is the people who elected Trump into office, who people are worried about. You have people committing hate crimes nationwide, and it hasn’t even been one day after being president-elect. Imagine four years of being targeted for hate crimes. If you support Trump, you also support this bullshit below. No exceptions.



That is the type of stuff that gets said behind our backs when we aren’t around. Black women who are feminists, please recognize this as a slap in the face. It’s okay to be a proud black woman, but you must understand that most white women will stand behind their race before gender. It has happened before with Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth.  During slavery, around the time of the 1850 fugitive slave act,  Harriet and Sojourner would go to these quaker events. If you don’t know what a Quaker is, it is northern whites who were staunch abolitionists that aided slaves into freedom. Tubman, would do these speeches where she would explain the graphic details of slavery to white people, in exchange for donations that covered food and shelter. She often would take whatever money she had and send it back to her family, or to help other slaves have food to eat. She also would attend these women’s suffrage meetings that were created by a majority of white women. These white women would use images of a black woman slave suffering, and equate that struggle to the pain of white feminists in a white misogynistic patriarchal society. These men could be very abusive, both physically and emotionally. There was little to no respect of women in general, during slavery. White women got a kick out of this and created feminism, where this sense of sisterhood and shared pain could be addressed in a space where someone would listen. Men often liked a woman who was submissive and compliant. For this reason, many head mistresses yearned for this safe haven. As time passed on: the civil war was fought, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves to gain northern acceptance, and blacks were left with no ability other than picking cotton.  The feminist suffrage group that once was accepting of slaves, had changed. It was 1863 and Susan B. Anthony, with a host of other white feminists wanted nothing to do with blacks or black women. These women were against voting rights for blacks, because they felt blacks were too inferior to have an opinion about anything. We as blacks couldn’t read, write, or do anything special beyond the servitude to whites. Most black women were domestic’s or house servants to whites for paltry sums of money, and got treated like dog shit while white women got on par with white supremacy. Despite using slave women as pawns to get their movement off the ground, suffrage feminists had harbored a negative view towards black women. The black woman was seen as a sexual tool that white men said were very seductive in the bedroom, especially mullatos. These men would gloat about these sexual conquests to other affluent white men, which mistresses would eventually hear of and stew amongst themselves. This stigma was woeful and incorrect, black women were continually raped and forced to be a victim of sexual abuse. As a slave you weren’t considered a human, and had no rights, so these assaults continued until the emancipation proclamation. Despite all of that, you still have black women like Jackee celebrating a racist white feminist.

This tweet is beyond ignorant. That is like me saying “If it wasn’t for the atlantic slave trade and colonialism, we wouldn’t be in such a beautiful country”. What is even crazier is the thread on that tweet. It is absolutely ridiculous. This tweet happened on election day, which is even worse. I love black women who celebrate black womanhood, all I am saying is, STAY WOKE.

Another thing, for my brothers out here gang banging and slanging, just like this video depicts above. We have to link up and get past this generational hood beef of dead homies that ain’t coming back, and form a truce. It has happened before, back in 1992 during the Los Angeles riots, but it is especially important right now. We need to truce up all neighborhoods and be on code against any hate groups that are attempting to harm us. This whole “I’m crip and you blood, and we everybody killa” bullshit must get put to rest like a dead homie. We don’t have time in this racially radicalized environment to be killing each other over 40 year gang beefs, when black people are already targeted just for wearing a hoodie, or sagging pants. A pack of skittles could be misconstrued as a weapon to a race soldier. We are at a point in America where you are gonna have to choose your race over your gang allegiance, plain and simple. I understand this may be wishful thinking, but these hood legends are going to have to take a stand for whats important in their kids lives.


“What have you done?”[for the Black Community] Solution #1

This is a question that many people within the Black community ask our leaders. The problem that some of us Black folk have, is that we expect an overnight turn around when it comes to the problems that plague our community. No politician or said “leader” will make any change that will completely mitigate the issues we have. The onus has unfortunately been placed on our athletes and billionaires, because they hold a high amount of capital that many Blacks beneath them don’t have. For this favored group, many of us will argue about what one has done for our community. The question that always gets tossed around whenever we get mad at each other is ultimately “What have you done for the Black community?”


Solution #1: Education

When I say education, I don’t solely mean schools. I am talking about self-improvement by all means. Challenging yourself to read daily about something that may enhance your life or give you a different perspective. Despite being a trash truck driver working 12-14 hours a day, I read as much as I possibly can. There are audiobooks that you can listen to if you are busy at work all day or traveling to school via public transportation. E-books are really awesome to me, because you can highlight important parts of the book and visual reading has a way of gluing information to your brain. Even if you could on focus on one book a month, that is way better than none. Reading exercises the brain, and gives you more context of the subject matter you choose to study. By improving your mind, you inadvertently improve your vocabulary in conversations without even recognizing it. I have denounced religion because of books, and figured out who I truly was as a man by reading. For you, it may bring you closer to your spiritual deity. The more that your mind improves, it improves the family members that interact with you on a daily basis.

Without proper knowledge, you will be bamboozled by politicians, outwitted by sleazy salesmen, and jumping into situations without proper perspective. Back in slavery we had laws that prohibited slaves from reading. Couple centuries down the line, and you have a lot of brothers and sistas who refuse to pick up a book other than Steve Harvey’s dating book, or something trivial. In order to improve education for our children, we have to improve our own personal education. You don’t have to enroll at your local city college (which I recommend you doing, if you have the time and ambition to do) to get education. You can get free books at a library with a library card. I don’t care if you have a grown son/daughter living with you, or a toddler, reading should be essential in your house if you are black. It’s never too late to learn something new. We as blacks have been told that if you go to college, then everything will be awesome. Statistics are coming out that degrees don’t equal jobs. Go to school if you are pursuing a passion that will yield a positive return of investment. We live in an economy where you have Ph.D students working as baristas, and journalism majors struggling to make it in the industries they were amorous about. College is not for every kid, some kids are smart, but would be more useful inside of a trade school to apply that genius to a technical skill. I want my child to go to college like the next person, but I have my reservations on forcing my child to pick a college major to impress my friends/family. I would rather my child find a passion and pursue it. No degree will let me compromise my child’s future over selfish ambition. To read further on this topic, check out this book by Will Bennett:



To advance within the dominant society, we need proper guidance into how economics work. If you have no basic understanding of economics and how money works, you will be misled by many assumptions without concrete evidence. I want reparations for slavery on behalf of my  African ancestors, but if im spending that money on European luxury instead of black businesses, what is the point.  One of the best books I have read on economics that breaks down complex economics in layman terms, check out this book:




You as a Black person should know the basic fundamentals of money. You don’t have to sign up for some expensive course online.  I found a book written by Jason Kelly at my local library, it was the world’s simplest book on finance tips. You can even find this book on eBay for dirt cheap as a used book.



If you only read these two books and nothing else, these two books will lead you in the right direction in current time.

As far as history goes, it is up to you what you wish to read. The greatest black person to ever live, in my honest opinion, can be no one other than Harriet Tubman. She put it down so hard for black people back in the day, she even was rumored to carry a pistol. Treason was not going to be an option if you rolled with “Minty”. I have read my history, therefore my child will be schooled on history, and how it repeats itself in different forms. Read Malcolm X in his prime, and the relevance of an old Harlem speech will send chills down your spine. It is almost like you are conjuring dead spirits that speak directly to you. You will see the contrast of groups led by Martin Luther King Jr., compared with today’s so called leaders.


Last but not least, we have to be more accountable for family members or friends that are incarcerated. We need to send them letters of encouragement, commissary money on birthdays and holidays. I know you may say that “If you did the crime, you do the time”, but it is far too many Black men in the system for us to turn our backs on them. I would suggest finding the prison wherever the family member or friend is located and research programs that they could sign up for. There ARE accredited programs that are financed by the state that inmates could participate in, depending on where you live and the facility where the inmate is detained, where many of them don’t know about the programs to be taken advantage of. A lot of the programs are trades. Print out this information and mail it to the inmate to let them know what their detention center offers. I have a cousin that I mailed over 20 books to. Books about business and fitness, magazine subscriptions, how to start a small business and write a business plan. So that way, when he/she gets out of prison, he knows how to write a business plan for the trade he/she learned behind bars. The reason it is important to provide facts on the obstacles facing him/her, is to cut down on jail recidivism. I let my relative know the obstacles facing him and send books about former convicts who found a way out of the system. If you can’t stand writing to a person, than at least send a book, or print an article. You never know what impact it may have.

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