Inside Eddie’s daydream #15

The second part of that black solution discussion had me fatigue. I immediately crashed right after writing it. My wife loved it and told me I should start writing books, but I never take her advice serious when it comes to compliments for some reason. I might legitimately consider writing a book one day. Who knows? 
Election day is here and I’m curious to see how it turns out and who will lead this country. I have a hunch it may be Hillary Clinton, but we shall see. I saw something just now on the internet that said there was a shooting of multiple people near a middle school (polling station) near Azusa,CA., a former sundown town. 

Sundown Towns are cities or sections that are majority, predominantly white who disallowed any Jews, Blacks, Mexican’s or Asians in their sections. This would lead me to believe that this is connected to Trump soldiers who feel the election is rigged. Then again, I am automatically and unfairly assuming a white supremacist might be behind this. The facts can contradict what I surmise, as information becomes clear. Guns sales have been skyrocketing since the election (always has during election time) and I believe this may be no coincidence that this happened on election day. More information needs to be obtained before properly assessing the incident, but this could be the spawning of ugly domestic ‘Dylan Roof’ style terrorism. I’m starting to fear monger, but there is code words for a purported RaHoWa, which stands for (Racial Holy War), and many white supremacists are radicalizing to take a stance against all races that are not of Aryan descent. So, that goes to show you that no matter what, the racial animus that has shown itself throughout the Trump campaign, will not dissipate. It will possibly invade other spaces. There have been police shootings that have not been reported by national media, committed by white men who have white supremacist ties. 
In other news, I will check my p.o. box to see if I’ve received a letter yet. I sent 13 letters and as of Saturday morning, there was no mail :'(. But that is okay, maybe today will be better and I will get a response. I sort of feel bad that I didn’t send a stamp inside the letter, but I have no idea who would respond or not. 

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