Inside Eddie’s daydream #18

I’m not mincing words anymore. If I’m behind anything its truth and reality. This is mainly for my black and latino folks who are in mourning of this election. The democrats aren’t that much left as you think. We are getting shipped to jail just as much as we would under any other president, and more illegal immigrants have been deported under his leadership, ever. Trump has to catch up to Obama.

The so called left has been bought out by corporate interests. Many middle-class white people were becoming hip to it. 

Bernie Sanders said he wants to get rid of lobbyists, so does Trump. Many bitter Bernie supporters voted for him because of this. 

More blacks have been executed (lynched) unlawfully in the united states, than the height of Jim Crow.

More black people were killed by US police in 2015 than were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow
More blacks have been sent to jail in America, than the height of South African apartheid.
So is America still the greatest country in the world?