Inside Eddie’s Daydream #4

In the following weeks, I plan to release this series called “What are you doing?(for the black community)”, which basically stems from black suffering and pain. This is a question that us as blacks ask political leaders. I think that we as African-Americans or Americans of African diaspora –whichever you prefer — should continue to ask these questions, but also do some work in the meantime. Education is where I start, then other topics that I feel would be effective in our community. One thing that I am tired of, is seeing black folks get played by politicians in exchange for votes. It seems that we as a group cannot collectively come together as a group, and unequivocally demand solutions. Some of us will be distracted by fancy slogans and dance moves, rather than actual change. Symbolism has been the biggest scam being sold to my people. Ex. Luke Cage is a great black superhero, national museum of black history, 1st black….., first black woman to..And the list goes on and on for stuff that looks great in history books, but provides no tangible impact. What needs to happen is that us as blacks  should practice various forms of altruism that will lead to minor, but eventually major changes. It might take Elon Musk 200 years or less to make Mars an exo-planet.He may not live to see it. However, the future generations will be able to eventually take 3 month trips to Mars and live a great life that we couldn’t fathom. We don’t have to change overnight, but we can plant a seed that will create a harvest for future generations to come.