Inside Eddie’s Daydream #20

These daydreams really have helped me out with my daily writing. I can just take 15-20 mins out of my day and freestyle without  worry. I just recently wrote about what blacks need to do under Trump. And it seems like everything that I said it’s coming into fruition. Now what I’m hearing is a lot of white folks say that we need to give Donald Trump a chance, even Dave Chappelle said so.
Donald Trump just hired a chief strategist that is an open white supremacist AKA white nationalist. He is the second best candidate a white supremacist could choose, other than David Duke.  He recently did an interview with 60 minutes appearing more presidential. In so many words he says he will build a wall near Mexico, deport 3 million immigrants, and make blacks safer by arresting more blacks. Sounds like a doubling down of what he intends to do. This implies that blacks commit the most crime despite only being 13 percent of the population. Whites being 62 percent and committing more crimes overall means nothing. The bottom line is we don’t have a choice but to prepare for more hate crimes. He tells his supporters to “stop it” when he gets confronted by the interviewer about it, but mentions nothing about law and order, like he does when it comes to Mexicans and Blacks.

In my next ” what black people need to recognize under Trump” we go into more strategies that will be constructive. 
As far as my Let project, the books I’ve sent AJ are delivered and my letter is sealed off and shipped, hopefully we will get more letters to see what other inmates wish to participate. I really want to change someone’s life for the better. I wrote some women that were incarcerated too, I wanted it to be a balance of women and men. We shall see what happens. I’m thinking of getting a website and promoting it on Facebook with advertising. Don’t know how to make a beautiful website, but I think I can find some with a beautiful layout. The more inmates I get, the more I may beg you guys for money via Patreon, since PayPal is pro-trump. 
I guess that’s it.

P.S: And shout out to a follower who told me I’m in her top ten, despite disagreeing with me a good amount. That really made my day. Most people who disagree would flat out block and unfollow, but she remains loyal. That is one hell of a compliment to me. I think I make a lot of people disgruntled with some of the stuff I say. If my wife gets irritated by me, I know you guys do. Lmao!