2 thoughts on “Watch “Oscars 2017 & The Death Of The Black Alpha Male” on YouTube

  1. Great analysis Eddie, I enjoyed it. I don’t watch the Oscars because I think it’s boring, so I don’t know much about them. But white supremacy is one of the underlying currents of our society, so I don’t see how it wouldn’t affect the Oscars.

    The last few minutes were spot-on though. I truly think that this new surge of fascism in our country is in response to trends such as the increasing prevalence of homosexuality and interracial-ness (I don’t know the official term) in the media. More people are becoming accepting of those behaviors, and some folks feel threatened by that. So they’ve become more extreme. There’s more to it than that, such as the very real struggles of the so-called ‘poor whites’ (which makes them predisposed to look for scapegoats), but that’s one of the factors that’s driving these seemingly unfathomable happenings. Of course they’re not really unfathomable: they make perfect sense if one is aware of how dominant groups typically respond to a loss of status. They don’t have to respond that way, but they often choose to.

    I also think you’re right that we often get too caught up in dichotomous, good vs evil thinking. Yes, some behaviors are truly abhorrent. But I think we take the ‘versus’ mentality way too far. It doesn’t have to be gay vs straight or black vs white; we could get a lot more done if we realized we’re all on the same team. However, we have a lot of work to do to get our team in shape. Too many players get special treatment, whilst too many others aren’t recognized for their contributions. This produces too many internal divisions. Winning teams don’t function that way, and right now ours isn’t a winning team.

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  2. Wow, Josh you got exactly what I was trying to say. You’ve nailed it on the part about fascism. The fear of one being different becomes so overwhelming, that fascism becomes an attractive option to those who feel threatened.

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