Watch “RE: George Lopez & Disrespect of Black Women” on YouTube

In this video I broach the: George Lopez tirade video, poc racism,accepted disrespect of black women, miscegenation feuds, social media, 90’s fan mail


7 thoughts on “Watch “RE: George Lopez & Disrespect of Black Women” on YouTube

  1. Thanks for the shout out. Yay. Great look on using Goaple’s “Closers to my dream.” Fire show man always a joy to listen to. Lol, im on break at my staging area. Well as I stated earlier, the artistry is what I’m concerned about. Comedy is not suppose to be wholesome neither is poetry, movies or any other form of art. However, There were extreme racial undertones with George Lopez being egged on by the crowd as well. And yes you are 100% right about Latinos looking down at us and would only accept a black man if he’s Kobe Bryant or Magic. Also, one of the reasons, I feel that we have this conflict with black women getting disrespected beyond the point of decency is because, Generally most of us black men do not protect them. From Trick Daddy, to Yung Burg, to Tyrese, etc. (I know these guys dont represent you and I and other individuals, but the masses dont care) many more has came out and just blasted all black women. I have no problem with interracial dating or marriage at all, but if a person of your race is not for you, why the need to throw them under the bus? I don’t get it? The Barack Obama analogy was on point. Yes to black upper class, white middle and lower class, they got a taste of what a (half) black man could achieve. But with his achievements, it ment most of us middle and lower class blacks suffered due to him applying the proverbial, white shame or white guilt rhetoric on black issues. Staying silent on a lot of our issues was the dagger for me.

    Yes our black stereotypes have people really not liking us, right? Africans vs African Americans, light skin vs dark skin black, Straight black male vs gay black male etc. What happens is people from the outside sees these divisions and they pick us apart. (Example how the Democratic party is really pushing the black gay male agenda. You’ve mentioned this on a previous post as well). If we unified, there wouldn’t be any weak links so to speak. Also I feel what hurts us is giving out these “hood passes” or “Black cards” to other races who aren’t black. Because they’ll talk black, act black, etc. But when sh#t hits the fans they will go back into the or community. When we give out these passes, each time we give a lil of our soul, because It makes us easy targets.

    Now as far as the Internet and social media goes, it’s so easy to be offended or fake outraged by something today. What happens is subconsciously, these outlets creates an alternative world, where you think you have to perfect. “OMG, I can’t say or do this because it will end up on social media and people will think I’m a racists.” But we are imperfect as mammals and social media is cheating us out of our maturation in evolution. We can not live where we are being watched or monitored by our actions.

    Can’t wait for the next show, and let Dave or I know when you want to be on the next podcast man. Stay safe brotha one love

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      1. Lmfao yes it was, we will most def talk about it. I thought I was dreaming when I saw that. I was halfway asleep then I saw Oakley being arrested

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  2. Great. You hit on some key points. Sadly you still have Black people lusting after non-Africans. Sadly you have Black people laughing at instances like this instead of standing up for our women, our people. What can we expect (from outsiders) when there’s no racial pride or solidarity? And we are only welcomed as allies when our bodies and strength are needed, not ever the other way around (unless it’s for show-lip service).

    I think any comedian of any ethnicity would offend me saying this, especially about Black women. I don’t think it’s funny to call any woman a bitch, but it is sometimes needed in comedy for emphasis. I get that. But this wasn’t funny; there was no need to name call. And my biggest issue is the time he spent on it. Like, let it go and get on with the show.

    I had a best friend for years that’s Mexican and she fetishized Black men for the 10+ years we were friends. She knew her dad hated it and I think that was the fuel behind some of her actions because they didn’t get along. To add, I’ve never been approached with respect from a man of Latin descent. They look at me like they’re at a meat market with oogly eyes and their tongues hanging out, even when their wives and families are in eyeshot! I believe, in general and from my personal experiences, they look at us Black woman as nothing more than sexual objects. So I’m not mad at George and don’t wanna hear a half-assed apology either. I know he meant what he said and spoke for most, if not all, people of Latin descent in the U.S.

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