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      1. I respect comedians racists jokes because they are jokes. All great comedians say racists jokes. We can’t live in a society where we can’t laugh about stereotypes. But calling her a bitch and all that was f#$% up. Look at Eddie Murphy, I laughed my ass off in Nor bit and in Coming to America where he is portraying other races. I can’t get mad when a Jimmy Kimmel dresses up as Karl Malone. We can’t pick and choose what’s is acceptable and what’s not, because then it wouldn’t be artistry. He is right that a lot of Latinos do feel that way about us.

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      2. What’s crazy is he is right. A lot of Latinos are conservative and feel that way as well (I’m living it right now). George Zimmerman is the perfect example. With every joke there is almost some shred of truth.

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      3. No, what he said was exactly how 60 percent of them feel. I work around Mexican men all day, who don’t mind telling me to my face the same shit George Lopez said, so its not foreign to me. But it is some things I want to add on to what he said about blacks.

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      4. I would never co-sign any non black making fun of blacks, its not the same in my book. Only because the historical disrespect towards black people via “minstrel shows” blackface and the history behind it. Jim Crow was actually a white man who did black face, that was where jim crow laws originated from. I guess I’m a hypocrite, but so be it. Lol.

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      5. Comedy has been watered down a lot, what Lopez said now wouldn’t have made it out of the comedy club if it was the 1980s. There’s video footage of Richard Pryor slamming the gays, calling them f@##ots and d!ck suckers. If he did that tirade now, Pryor would be profusely apologizing to repair his image.

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      6. I’m trying to think man, Ellen Degeneres is probably the most liberal or wholesome (in America’s opinion) comedian there is. She had to apologize profusely for making a meme about hanging onto a Buff LeBron James. And I was thinking “ok the world is way too sensitive today”

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      7. Well, you have to consider imagery. She may not have meant for what she did to come off as racist. I love Ellen, but there are historical references to the ‘black brute’ myth. She may have been innocuous, but imagery has historical context to it. I don’t think Ellen meant it that way, but jerry rice is a damned coon. Running around with a chicken face mask. Smh

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