6 thoughts on “Trump is crazy

      1. Ok 1st man, please you don’t have to apologize when you get deep brotha. It’s rewarding to hear. 2ndly. Lmfao yes that “Street Thug gangs” comment had me dying. Hahahahh
        3rd I think you hit the nail on the head with the Stockholm syndrome man. Most black folks, we don’t want to acknowledge the Racial Holy War or the Militia groups possible being deployed. 4th. Yes I cried when I saw the Philando Castillo murder. Honestly brotha Eddie, I dont think I can watch anymore police/body cam shootings after that.
        5th yes I myself celebrate Junetenth and Kwanzaa but it hurts that I see “Junetenth Twerk contest” type of things. 6th. Yes there were alot of SS Nazis that were Jewish and it is even rumored that Adolph Hitler was part Jewish. Lastly, yes there is a African/Afrikan vs African American beef that hurts to talk about but I’m glad you brought it up. Keep up the great work brotha.

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      2. Lmao I’m not joking at certain clubs here in the city, For Juneteenth, MLK Bday, they will have these type of events. It reminded me if that WC video with the ghetto Olympics.

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