The “black education” episode – SoundCloud

Greetings to all. Today is the start of black history month, which for me is every single day. In this episode I talk about the importance of black education.


Listen to The “black education” episode by eddiestarblog #np on #SoundCloud

6 thoughts on “The “black education” episode – SoundCloud

  1. Great podcast Eddie! The other part that people don’t understand is that DeVos is inexperienced, which is why she CANNOT answer the questions posed to her. Also, most people don’t know that children with exceptionalities, include all sorts of children, including your daughter who is gifted. That means the services that someone with a disability receive come from the same pot of money that someone like your daughter would receive. Once she is confirmed, life will change for everyone, because of course, how the nation is educated affects all of us.

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  2. Congrats to your Lil Mrs. Eddie Star for reading at a 1st grade level at the age of 4. HBCU will stay the same and probably remain null and void to most of white supremacy that dominate the country. I went to a charter high school and I loved it. It was my freshman year and after that it went to be a general public school. There are alot of affluent black communities around the country who do trade off with the homeschooling. Wow I didn’t know you were a SPAB certified. Man you got the RECEIPTS to prove it hahahaha. Yes as a parent with special need children, we could talk all day long about that lmfao

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