Well, guess what?


I finally got an offer accepted and will be moving soon. This whole dilemma will hopefully be behind me. This is the start of the beginning. My wife is excited and I am relieved to know that I will get this process over with.

I told the new agent (that was my former real estate agent’s ‘assistant’) that “You got more done in one day, than some people could do in months. You are a gifted agent.”

Yes, I know I was hella petty, but so what. I hope that he forwarded that text message to him. He is lucky that I won’t write a negative review about his janky ass.

Here’s my celebration song. lol.



4 thoughts on “Well, guess what?

  1. Congrats Eddie. I bet in the future u will cross paths with that jerk real Estate agents and he will play stupid. Did you get the “fit for a king home?” Are you moving to a different city? Congrats to you and your family. If I was there I’d help you move. I would only charge $3.76 and some food.

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    1. The ‘fit for a king’ home was tripping. I purposely low balled them because the area is suspect. I didn’t want to pay asking price for a home that was overpriced in a bad area. I loved the home, but not the area.

      This home is kind of the same thing. This is a pocket block, but the area is decent. The home is priced right, and is the most upgraded of the other homes.

      As far as moving, I will most likely have to do everything myself. I will hire a compadre that I used to work with. I know he needs the money and plus he does gardening too.

      You are making 20 plus dollars an hour, “making the big bucks”, I’m trying to get to your level. Lol.

      I know you’re like, “U have no f#$king idea how hard it is to survive with this wage in SF!” šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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      1. Oh yeah, I remember you saying the pocket block one. You’ve taught me alot about real estate. The economy here is crazy man. $20 an hour is nothing because of the cost of living. Minimum wage within San Francisco is $13.50 but the average 1 bedroom apt is $3200 a month to rent. The only way I could own a home is to save up my Lil pennies and move somewhere else. Lmfao hahahahahaha

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      2. OMG! that is crazy. 3200 is nuts, its not way you can have a car or pay insurance like David said. That is way too damn much.

        If you can’t get a home by yourself, go lay up with one of those cougars that you said always hit on you. They can at least help you with a down payment.lol.

        If you desperately wanted to by property you would have to buy in the hood. There are programs out there that help people that want to be home owners. Wells Fargo has a program that is sort of like their own FHA program. There is always HUD.GOV where you can see which banks and lenders are available in your area. You can check for a “homepath” loan, which specifically helps with low income housing. You may have to move into a condominium for the time being, in a rough part of town, but you will definitely have some property.

        Trust me, I could not afford to live where I rent. I had no other choice but to move to the ghetto. I tried rationalizing renting, but the prices kept rising so high that I had to move to the hood. Hopefully I can build some equity in the next 5-10 years, and sell it to by in an area more desirable.

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