The Trump Inauguration Episode



Thanks to Tareau and David at, I’m inspired to start podcasting. I will incorporate podcasting weekly into my wordpress blog. I like what these guys did so much that I actually copied them. lol.

Anyhow, in this episode I introduce myself and give a little bit of background of me beyond the wordpress blog, and give my thoughts on: the Inauguration of Trump, Legacy of Obama, protests, and solutions for the black community during these 4 to possibly 8 years of Trump.

The duration of my podcast is 18 mins. Tell me what you guys think about it in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe to my soundcloud account also. Don’t be selfish, hit that share button with ya cronies if you felt this.


9 thoughts on “The Trump Inauguration Episode

  1. Fire podcast man, thanks for the love. I really love your point of views. You are right on so many things. I felt like Obama dropped the ball big time on police brutality. The only thing that’s change is technology showing folks of the fairer skin what black folks have been saying for decades.

    Yes you hot the nail on the head, when it comes to other races, the feel that sports or entertainment is a common denominator so they go with the flow on and try to stay on the fence on alot of issues. It’s synonymous to how Dame Dash said that Jews call black “liquid money”

    I’ve been reading that there are alot of black families are homeschooling their kids and have a community of homeschooling teachers. Atlanta, Memphis, NY, etc. Yes our history must be engraved in our head. We must get back to our ancestral roots.

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    1. Thanks Tareau. I’m flattered by your compliments. We definitely need to re-ignite those ancestral spirits that hide inside the history books. We need our kids to have a sense of pride and identity beyond mlk Jr and the typical black history figures. Black history needs to be year round in our houses.

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  2. Yoooooo!!!! First of all thank you for the shout out and the support. Definitely appreciate it.
    Second, the podcast sounds great bruh! Great. What kind of mic did you use? Sounds really clear. Very good quality.
    And yes, make America read again! Great slogan.
    Great content. All the way down to educating our own children. I’ve been saying this for so long man, but so many of us are brainwashed, but we can turn this thing around thru a group effort of education. It takes a village right? Right.
    One more thing, what did you edit with? I peeped the fading of the voice at the end. It was dope. I use garage band. I taught myself editing. Shit I taught myself everything we been doing really, but it’s rewarding. Great first show bro, peace.

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    1. Thanks David! The mic I used was a yeti microphone. I got it from ‘the guitar center’, not that expensive either.

      I use garage band also, the fade out option is near the edit options in the upper left corner. Scroll a little to the right until you see ‘fade out’, and slide it to the proper point.

      Thanks for the support. You guys have an excellent podcast, keep it up.

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      1. I got a Yeti as well. It was only $100. Something like that. I’ll try the fade out option, I actually been doing it manually. Mainly because I tend to throw in sound effects and snippets, as you may have noticed. Thanks for the support man, we all are one bro, WordPress I learned is a real community, and happy to be apart of. Let me know if you need anything. I’m sure Tareau notified you about us wanting you on the show

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      2. Absolutely, we definitely have to set it up. I need to learn how to do sound effects, that will take some time but its something I want to learn for creating segments.

        Yes WordPress builds valuable connections.

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  3. Love this podcast! I think you mention some important solutions, like READING. There is no excuse not to be able to pick up a book and read it for at least 30-60 mins per day. In fact, I might create a meme with this phrase for you šŸ™‚ Another solution is we have to admit a lot of the things that you mentioned here. Representation is no longer an acceptable measure of if WE made it. Yes, the Obamas look great and they seem to be upstanding black citizens who care about social justice issues, but the question is what are WE doing??? The third solution I’d want to suggest is to do something. A lot of times we think we have to do some grand gesture to make a change. I really think we need to think about our own gifts and talents and then figure out how we can use those gifts to impact our immediate society, even if it’s your family and friends.

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