Inside Eddie’s Daydream #26


What’s up guys?  I’m back again with the drama for your mama. The reason I chose this picture as the header is because I haven’t been updating you guys on the let project letters. As far as A.J., he sent me a couple letters talking about how so far he is very appreciative of all the books and letters I’ve sent him. He thinks that I am changing his life. The original letters have been destroyed by water being spilled on them. I told him about the programs that were available in prison and he says that he has already enrolled and graduated with a g.e.d. and a welding class certification. I sent him two more books during the x-mas/nye holiday;


Carter G. Woodson’s “The Mis-Education Of The Negro” is one of the most essential books for black people, or African-American’s. This book should be labeled as the “Black Bible Of Consciousness”. It is a book that not only confronts white supremacy, but reprimands brothers and sisters in the black community who fall victim to bourgeoisie ideology. Yes, you can be educated and misled. Hence, the proper term mis-education. This book was the first time I realized that you could have more degrees than an oven, but still be socially and subconsciously controlled by society’s standards. He predicts the pattern of black politicians and their behavior towards blacks.cgw

This is an amazing book, and an amazing man. It is absolutely essential that A.J. reads this book.

Another book that I’ve sent is Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow.manewcrow.jpg

This book breaks down the entire prison system, from the beginning of slavery up to current times. I told him to take his time with these two books, because it is heavy material. This book was what gave me the inspiration to start this project of trying to curb jail recidivism. I’m for damned sure not a millionaire, but I am strapped with the knowledge that could change a person’s life. Why not use that information to uplift someone in need?

What’s crazy is that I received a new letter from an inmate named “Cory G”, here is the letter.

In so many words, he thinks the let project is an actual prisoner reform program that is funded by the government. He is interested, but doesn’t know how to move forward. The mistake of my introductory letter, is that my mission statement was too powerful. I am only one person, trying to help as many prisoners as I can. I will definitely help this brother, but the whole “can my homies get on also?” stuff is dead. That is why my project is a project, and not a program. The few chosen are the few selected for an amazing opportunity. 





14 thoughts on “Inside Eddie’s Daydream #26

  1. In a time of wholesale fabrication and downright untruth (post-truth and whatever) it’s nice to read something so real. Your honesty is why I would love your project to succeed in its aims. Good luck with it!

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    1. You will fall in love with this book. I cannot say enough positive things about this book. He is clairvoyant and prophetic with his words. Over 1oo plus years later, and we still see the same symptoms of what he writes about.

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  2. I’ve read and re-read that book over the years…it amazes me that more people my age and younger haven’t already done so. It isn’t as if our parents and grand-parents haven’t been cluing us in for generations, but I suppose that many can be easily misled – especially in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the desperate need for attention that affects many people of all ages.

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  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on the LET project! I’m quite impressed with AJ: he seems to be trying his best to create a better future for himself. I really hope everything turns our well for him.

    You’re doing a great thing, Eddie! I know you’re just one man, but keep at it! I think the LET project has the potential to gather steam, and might turn into something bigger. As far as not being a millionaire goes, have you been to the website Ordinary people can launch fundraising campaigns to raise money for whatever they need. I think the LET project is something that could be very attractive for potential donors. I’m about to launch a campaign there tomorrow to raise money for my Master’s research, and would be more than willing to let you know how it goes; that way you might have a better idea of what to expect.

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    1. Thanks Josh! If you gather even a quarter of what you expect to earn, then I will certainly consider. Thanks for that idea. Its something I’ve been reluctant about, because I wanted to make sure that I’ve had a couple good examples. I didn’t want people to feel like I was taking advantage of them, or I was a fraud. I turned down a few donations, because I was afraid of letting anyone down. I guess that is the real reason why I’m hesitant. I’m also starting to notice some prisoners being reluctant to change, but being curious about what exactly the let project offers. In addition, they talk it over with their cellies(roommates) and write back, more than two months later. I wanted a sample size of at least five subjects, but as one wordpress comment stated in one of my previous eddies daydream posts, “prisoners are in prison because they are hardheaded people, a lot of prisoners don’t want a life different from the path they chose. Many of them will not be open to change” and he is right. On the opposite side of that argument, many of them are trying to change, but are too caught up in that life to move forward. Some of these guys are probably on drugs, you just never know. I’m hoping my project gains momentum in a positive way. Thanks for always stopping by my blog.

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  4. Good stuff Eddie! The Mis-education of the Negro is one of the best gifts you can give. Once again, kudos to the work you’re doing. You’re proving that we all just need to do SOMEthing…whatever that thing is.

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