Inside Eddie’s Daydream #20

These daydreams really have helped me out with my daily writing. I can just take 15-20 mins out of my day and freestyle without  worry. I just recently wrote about what blacks need to do under Trump. And it seems like everything that I said it’s coming into fruition. Now what I’m hearing is a lot of white folks say that we need to give Donald Trump a chance, even Dave Chappelle said so.
Donald Trump just hired a chief strategist that is an open white supremacist AKA white nationalist. He is the second best candidate a white supremacist could choose, other than David Duke.  He recently did an interview with 60 minutes appearing more presidential. In so many words he says he will build a wall near Mexico, deport 3 million immigrants, and make blacks safer by arresting more blacks. Sounds like a doubling down of what he intends to do. This implies that blacks commit the most crime despite only being 13 percent of the population. Whites being 62 percent and committing more crimes overall means nothing. The bottom line is we don’t have a choice but to prepare for more hate crimes. He tells his supporters to “stop it” when he gets confronted by the interviewer about it, but mentions nothing about law and order, like he does when it comes to Mexicans and Blacks.

In my next ” what black people need to recognize under Trump” we go into more strategies that will be constructive. 
As far as my Let project, the books I’ve sent AJ are delivered and my letter is sealed off and shipped, hopefully we will get more letters to see what other inmates wish to participate. I really want to change someone’s life for the better. I wrote some women that were incarcerated too, I wanted it to be a balance of women and men. We shall see what happens. I’m thinking of getting a website and promoting it on Facebook with advertising. Don’t know how to make a beautiful website, but I think I can find some with a beautiful layout. The more inmates I get, the more I may beg you guys for money via Patreon, since PayPal is pro-trump. 
I guess that’s it.

P.S: And shout out to a follower who told me I’m in her top ten, despite disagreeing with me a good amount. That really made my day. Most people who disagree would flat out block and unfollow, but she remains loyal. That is one hell of a compliment to me. I think I make a lot of people disgruntled with some of the stuff I say. If my wife gets irritated by me, I know you guys do. Lmao!


L.E.T. Project “A.J”

 So I sent AJ some books. The first book is a dictionary, because it is literally like a translator in jail. It helps expand his diction. The second book I sent was Tupac ‘the rose that grew from concrete’ in hopes that he could be inspired by some of Tupac’s poetry. AJ says he likes poetry, and I think this would be the book he would read first. The third book I’ve sent him was ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Viktor Frankl. You guys will automatically see me send this book to almost every inmate. This was a man who survived concentration camp under Nazi rule. Incredibly heartfelt book, it shows the power of a positive mindset under any circumstance. This book is hands down the greatest book for any one facing a difficult time. I can’t wait until I hear his take on the book(s).



I was wrong!! First L.E.T. project letter

“Hi Eddie, 

  My name is AJ, I received your letter and I am very interested in the program you provide. The only question that I have, how you know about me…other than that, yes I want to be a part of the program. I have a lot to say, I write poetry about different things don’t mind putting it out there to be seen. I am not really sure what to do next. I would appreciate a response what kind of stories are you looking for, if you please give me some type of clue of how the program works I will gladly send some poetry to you guys. thank you.”


Wow! Right when I was re-strategizing, I get this letter. This gives me hope that I can change someones life. 


What blacks need to recognize under Trump (part 2)

. In fact there are far more white people who disagree with Trump, than agree with him. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college. Now we have oodles and large assemblages of white folks who are fighting back throughout the country.



NO MORE DIET RACISM!!!! All I see on my twitter timeline is #NeverTrump and #NotMyPresident and people going mad. We need to recognize that us as Black people LOVE DIET RACISM. We love diet racism more than overt racism. Hillary is a ‘Diet Racist’, and Trump is a bold and unapologetic racist. Now that we live in an openly racist country that overwhelmingly voted Trump in the electoral college, we can stop guessing and figure out who the real racists are. White supremacy is back out in the open, and honesty is of the utmost importance. If I am facing a problem, I need to identify it and come with solutions on how to fix it. Not every white person is a racist, so I am not implying that every white person is. Now we have oodles and large assemblages of white folks who are fighting back throughout the country.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


This is happening throughout the nation. My advice to black people, stay your black ass at home. Don’t go out there protesting and getting involved with the brouhaha. Let these white people have their civil war part 2. Liberal whites vs. militant conservatives. This has already happened before, I keep telling you guys that history repeats itself. White supremacy is going to implode on itself when they realize that Trump won’t be able to do everything he said he would do: That wall won’t get built near Mexico (Obama is the expert on immigration deportation, look at Eddie’s Daydream #18 for reference), the Obama-care won’t be completely taken away {just re-branded under a different name}, Muslims probably won’t face any intense vetting beyond what’s already in place, He’ll probably have to take a few democrats, that conservatives disdain, and place them in certain positions, due to merits and qualifications. Trump will realize after intense talks with Obama for the next upcoming months, that the democratic party hasn’t been as left as he exclaimed they were. White supremacy will eventually have people taking sides and becoming angry, which will cause infighting and discord. One could imagine heated exchanges that would require DNA tests to prove true Aryan brotherhood (German blood). Italians going against Irish, against Englishmen, against Russian, etcetera. It may start off with the initial excitement and pervasiveness of hate, but hate will always turn on itself and backfire.

Blue lives matter to me also. I am not against police and I feel they should be protected at all times, but this goes to show you that conservatives do not care about blue lives as much as they say they do. Cops are being fatally wounded by white suspects in little towns throughout the United States.  Cops have always had higher incidents of violence and death with caucasians in comparison to blacks, but they make up 62% of U.S. population compared to our 13% of the population. This is why we are 2.5 times as likely to be murdered, despite having lesser body counts than whites.   Despite this victory appearing like a win for white supremacy, more violence and hate crimes will occur. The lower class of whites–who most liberals and wealthy conservatives disassociate themselves with–will have more interactions with police. If these cops are being assaulted by these lower class violent white criminals, they will eventually become the new “Thugs”. Police will expect to be extra vigilant around these white supremacists who have a violent jail record, display the confederate flag, nazi symbol, or KKK cross. Technology has empowered even the poorest people.If you have a cell phone, you can capture footage of these hate crimes. Wealthy minorities whose property gets defaced or vandalized, will be captured on camera and reported. Despite media not reporting these serious crimes, social media clicks and liberal outrage will cause media conglomerates to talk about these hate crimes. This is why social media is important, because we have the ability to inform and access information before the media reports it. If the Philando Castile shooting never got uploaded to Facebook live, we would’ve never heard of it, because these media companies pick and choose what stories they report.

Take the story of Larry Gordon.

This man got into a courthouse shooting , grabbed an officers gun, killed a Bailiff and chief of courthouse security. He was a child molesting rapist who got his teenage victim high off of meth, sexually assaulted her as he videotaped it and threatened violence if she didn’t comply.  Here is the transcript if you want to know the details. THIS NEVER GOT REPORTED ON NATIONAL MEDIA. In fact, the article that was written about it when it first happened, was sympathetic to Larry Gordon. Nobody picked up this tragic story about two people who lost their lives in an act of terror. You wanna know what the media was putting out:


Philando Castile was mislabeled as a crip –because he had a blue shirt and blue hat–racists cropped out the white people behind him and painted him as a gangster. Castile was a cafeteria worker that practiced his 2nd amendment rights, in an open-carry state. Despite having no negative reputation and being a friendly cafeteria worker, the NRA had no comment on the situation. The media scrutinized Alton Sterling’s prison record showing his dirty past. This tactic is specifically used against black people, to make the unlawful killing justified. “He was a bad person, She deserved to get killed anyway. They should’ve complied.” They used this tactic in HBO’s series “The night of”, if  you haven’t seen this show, check it out. The background of black victims gets examined, because it draws fiery debates for attention. Racial tensions between the #blacklivesmatter protesters and non-tolerant whites were being challenged. Media loved the race war, they would have one racist pundit like future Supreme Justice, Rudy Giuliani, and one person that was supportive of BLM, debate it out. The media was more concerned with creating this divisiveness between #blacklivesmatter and law enforcement. They omitted any other stories that involved non-violent shootings of whites against law enforcement. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:


We can all argue what we think, but this man was unarmed and obviously was attempting to commit suicide-by-cop. Before being shot he yelled ,”I hate my life”, but we can’t say the cops are wrong for being concerned about the safety of their lives. He walked towards them after being told not to move forward while not revealing what he had in his hands. Dylan Noble didn’t fit into the narrative the media was trying to push, so they came with another shooting that was similar but with a  black woman, that involved a child.



These officers and the officer who is negotiating with her appears to be willing to talk it out in a peaceful manner, but the woman refuses to budge. She puts her 5 year old son at risk by holding a shotgun in a gun standoff. She is a veteran, who probably is skilled at using that shotgun, and extremely dangerous. At the beginning of the negotiation, she should’ve at least kept her 5 year old out of harms way. She was militant and combative, willing to lose her life, believing in some mythical black sovereignty. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT BLACK SOVEREIGNTY BULLCRAP. It is a law that does not apply to African Americans, or any citizen of the united states. The Oregon Militia are currently going through a court process that goes into depth about sovereignty. Learn the laws that actually apply to you and act accordingly. She remains hostile and violent during the entire encounter, gets killed, and her son gets shot in the incident as well. Korryn Gaines, was so stubborn she risked her own child’s life and hers. Now he is a motherless child. Korryn Gaines became another hashtag that brought on national debate. Some social justice warriors were on twitter were defending this woman, giving her martyrdom, in spite of her having a hostile attitude with policemen.

The media released footage of her inside of her car being a scofflaw with police officers. The media and press pushed this story in front, grabbed panelists who held opposing views, and created more friction between law enforcement and black people. The media lumped her in with #blacklivesmatter and shared her militant pro-black social media posts to feed into this narrative of black people vs. police. Around this time you had these militant ex-veterans Micah Xavier Johnson, the Dallas terrorist, and  Gavin Eugene Long, the Baton Rouge terrorist,  being placed out there in the media as BLACK PANTHERS. These two incidents sparked a lot of fear among whites. Two tragedies that were clear indicators of a race war to white nationalists. These incidents truly divided the country, because #blacklivesmatter was painted as instigators of these calamities. Many whites by default, accepted the belief that these guys were part of black lives matter, despite telling officers before their death, they were lone wolf terrorists. One black woman that was a black lives matter protester in Dallas,TX. had thanked police officers who protected her from being killed. The Gavin Long shooter had said he acted alone on a youtube video that preceded his act of terror. None of this mattered, because these officers were gone, and these murders were the impetus of a racial divide getting out of hand.

The media caused a divide between white America and black America. Black people waited for answers and prayed for convictions of unlawful murders, these white men kept walking free with white sympathy. George Zimmerman only became more emboldened. He recently was kicked out of a bar for calling a waitress a “nigger-lover”.  Zimmerman is a latino man who identifies as white. There are many latinos who identify as white, this is commonplace every time the census bureau comes around. Be careful about standing up for other group’s rights, other than black. LGBTQ , would probably be the only exception in my book, if you are homosexual or have homosexual family members that fear being assaulted under a Trump regime. Many of these other minority groups identify as white behind the scenes, but wish to associate with blacks only when they feel under attack, or wish to receive the minority rights blacks fought for. Peep game, some of these minorities said nothing about Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown, but wish to leave the country NOW, because they fear they will be treated like Black people. None of these groups wish to be treated like black people, that is why they would rather leave the country.

Exhibit A:

That’s not a diss to other groups. I just am making observations. Black people have been getting called “nigger” and spit on, attacked, lynched, vandalized, and assaulted during the whole Obama administration by ‘white nationalists’. White nationalist is a code word for white supremacist.  They have already been mistreating us in broad daylight, but no one payed attention. The nation was ‘fine’ because we had a friendly, affable, gregarious personality as the leader of the free world.

This incident happened in (Liberal) Manhattan Beach, CA.






Despite Dylan Roof being a terrorist, no article in the mainstream said so. He was only labeled as a shooter.

A black man lynched(hung) in N.C., but ruled a suicide. He openly dated a white woman, and was hung in the middle of a trailer park.

More hangings of black men:


While us black folks were praising Obama and saying we live in a colorblind society like this poem i was vehemently against,


We were “YASSSING” and making memes. These white supremacists were linking up to take back this country. And they did, they made noise the whole eight years and we ignored it and said, thats only a few isolated incidents. Thats just the internet, racism doesn’t exist we are one America. 


I also failed to mention the countless court cases of white men evading murder charges and jail for the unlawful killings of black men like Freddie Gray. The murdering of our children like Tamir Rice and Tyre King. This has always been the America we lived in, just more heightened and obvious. Don’t take this information as a diss, but recognize that we have ALWAYS been catching hell. Just be more aware of your surroundings and focus on reality instead of symbolisms.


Side Note: If Trump gets impeached, then you will have Mike Pence who is staunchly against homosexuality as the President. I think I will take Trump. Part 3 coming soon.

The let project update

The project so far had been a complete disappointment. I went to the post office only to find no letters. 😯.
Maybe it was that my approach was garbage, or the way I sent the letter  pissed off a prison guard. I don’t know, but I won’t give up. Failure happens only when you accept it. I am 0/13. Maybe I need to shoot 7 more shots, or switch the approach to directly sending  random prisoners dictionairies and books. I don’t know what may work, but the interest needs to be mutual. Some of them may be on lockdown and can’t respond, but it seems odd that I received no responses in 10 days. Next letter I send will have a stamp in it, maybe that was the issue. Only time will tell, but I need to keep pushing forward.

Inside Eddie’s Daydream #19

I am teeming with enthusiasm. Today, I will go to my and see if I’ve received any letters from inmates. I’m ready to get this let project off of the ground. 
My mind has been firing on all cylinders since this Trump election. You guys really shouldn’t miss my next post about what blacks need to recognize under Trump. I will break everything down as far as the Trump protests go, and how media divides us on purpose. My take on blue lives matter and the unreported shootings that have happened. It’s going to be a post that will probably make you uncomfortable, but I hope it does, because we now live under a ruler who doesn’t mince words. 




Inside Eddie’s daydream #18

I’m not mincing words anymore. If I’m behind anything its truth and reality. This is mainly for my black and latino folks who are in mourning of this election. The democrats aren’t that much left as you think. We are getting shipped to jail just as much as we would under any other president, and more illegal immigrants have been deported under his leadership, ever. Trump has to catch up to Obama.

The so called left has been bought out by corporate interests. Many middle-class white people were becoming hip to it. 

Bernie Sanders said he wants to get rid of lobbyists, so does Trump. Many bitter Bernie supporters voted for him because of this. 

More blacks have been executed (lynched) unlawfully in the united states, than the height of Jim Crow.

More black people were killed by US police in 2015 than were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow
More blacks have been sent to jail in America, than the height of South African apartheid.
So is America still the greatest country in the world?




Inside Eddie’s Daydream #17

😂😂😂 The look on Obama’s face when he shook Donald Trump’s hands. 

Wow. I know he was grimacing inside at the fact that a man he once laughed off at a roast would climb to presidency. Remember this:

White America disagreed and took a stance to “bring this country back to what it was founded as”. I’m not making light of it as a joke, I’m serious.

Liberals are looking for a scape goat. I’ve seen articles blaming Colin kaepernick (black men), to articles blaming  Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. None of them referring to the fact that the DNC failed this year. From symbolism to calling poor white folks in the bible belt ‘deplorables’, which is code word for poor white trash. These were the same people who she rallied around when she needed those votes to defeat Obama in 2008, but distanced herself from them to get celebrity endorsements and media pundit endorsements. Middle America got pissed and it showed up in the electoral college votes. 
All of the protesting and rioting, hastags, tweets and crying won’t stop us from these next 4 Trump years. Merica’ had spoken and we are entering a country of Trump-ology. 


What Black america needs to recognize under Trump (Part 1)



#1. Black people need to see how racist America really is – We have been blinded by the election of Obama, and forgot about the Bush years. We forgot about the neglect America showed during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We have been too caught up in lies of a post-racial society. Take a look at the results and you will see there were lots of people that appeared liberal with Jill Stein or Hillary signs in front of their yard, but voted Trump. These people voted for Trump on the low, because they didn’t want the stigma that comes along with voting for Trump. If you had majority white neighbors and Malcolm X was running for president, would you put out his campaign sign on your lawn? Probably not, because many white folks would suspect you of being a violent black person who hates white people. You may have white friends who you don’t wish to offend, but you love everything Malcolm X is talking about. This is the same thing with these pro-trump voters. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHO DONALD TRUMP IS AND WHAT HE STANDS FOR. DON’T  LET THE WHITE-SPLAINING FOOL YOU. White supremacists are master deceivers and have been mastering their craft since colonialism, they have been taught how to play oblivious around black people. History repeats itself, over and over, and if this election hasn’t proven that, then remain a fool. Ask a white supremacist why did he or she vote Donald Trump, they will lie and tell you he represents change. In other words: “We are not only tired of the niggers with the black lives matter signs, we need to get rid of these fucking Mexican’s also. We are tired of all these Mexican’s overpopulating the united states, if we don’t put a stop to these Mexican’s who cross the border and commit crimes, than they will be the majority telling whites what to do. If we want to protect our race, we have to build a big freaking wall –that Mexico will pay for– to keep those damn Mexican’s out of here. These immigrants come here and take all of the damn jobs. Trump will make sure that America has more jobs available in the U.S. and white Americans will obtain them. He said he grabbed pussy ten years ago, have you heard the things that Jay-Z has said? We have to get rid of the LBGTQ circus as well, men should be with women and not other men. Bullying is no big deal, because I’ve been bullied and these new-age people make a big deal out of everything. That’s what I miss about the old America, we used to say what the fuck we wanted to, and not care. And what about these Muslims who come here and commit Terror, we need to put them through extreme vetting to prevent another 9/11 attack from happening. Trump is gonna protect white america, just watch and see.”

It is not Trump who people are worried about. It is the people who elected Trump into office, who people are worried about. You have people committing hate crimes nationwide, and it hasn’t even been one day after being president-elect. Imagine four years of being targeted for hate crimes. If you support Trump, you also support this bullshit below. No exceptions.

That is the type of stuff that gets said behind our backs when we aren’t around. Black women who are feminists, please recognize this as a slap in the face. It’s okay to be a proud black woman, but you must understand that most white women will stand behind their race before gender. It has happened before with Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth.  During slavery, around the time of the 1850 fugitive slave act,  Harriet and Sojourner would go to these quaker events. If you don’t know what a Quaker is, it is northern whites who were staunch abolitionists that aided slaves into freedom. Tubman, would do these speeches where she would explain the graphic details of slavery to white people, in exchange for donations that covered food and shelter. She often would take whatever money she had and send it back to her family, or to help other slaves have food to eat. She also would attend these women’s suffrage meetings that were created by a majority of white women. These white women would use images of a black woman slave suffering, and equate that struggle to the pain of white feminists in a white misogynistic patriarchal society. These men could be very abusive, both physically and emotionally. There was little to no respect of women in general, during slavery. White women got a kick out of this and created feminism, where this sense of sisterhood and shared pain could be addressed in a space where someone would listen. Men often liked a woman who was submissive and compliant. For this reason, many head mistresses yearned for this safe haven. As time passed on: the civil war was fought, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves to gain northern acceptance, and blacks were left with no ability other than picking cotton.  The feminist suffrage group that once was accepting of slaves, had changed. It was 1863 and Susan B. Anthony, with a host of other white feminists wanted nothing to do with blacks or black women. These women were against voting rights for blacks, because they felt blacks were too inferior to have an opinion about anything. We as blacks couldn’t read, write, or do anything special beyond the servitude to whites. Most black women were domestic’s or house servants to whites for paltry sums of money, and got treated like dog shit while white women got on par with white supremacy. Despite using slave women as pawns to get their movement off the ground, suffrage feminists had harbored a negative view towards black women. The black woman was seen as a sexual tool that white men said were very seductive in the bedroom, especially mullatos. These men would gloat about these sexual conquests to other affluent white men, which mistresses would eventually hear of and stew amongst themselves. This stigma was woeful and incorrect, black women were continually raped and forced to be a victim of sexual abuse. As a slave you weren’t considered a human, and had no rights, so these assaults continued until the emancipation proclamation. Despite all of that, you still have black women like Jackee celebrating a racist white feminist.

This tweet is beyond ignorant. That is like me saying “If it wasn’t for the atlantic slave trade and colonialism, we wouldn’t be in such a beautiful country”. What is even crazier is the thread on that tweet. It is absolutely ridiculous. This tweet happened on election day, which is even worse. I love black women who celebrate black womanhood, all I am saying is, STAY WOKE.

Another thing, for my brothers out here gang banging and slanging, just like this video depicts above. We have to link up and get past this generational hood beef of dead homies that ain’t coming back, and form a truce. It has happened before, back in 1992 during the Los Angeles riots, but it is especially important right now. We need to truce up all neighborhoods and be on code against any hate groups that are attempting to harm us. This whole “I’m crip and you blood, and we everybody killa” bullshit must get put to rest like a dead homie. We don’t have time in this racially radicalized environment to be killing each other over 40 year gang beefs, when black people are already targeted just for wearing a hoodie, or sagging pants. A pack of skittles could be misconstrued as a weapon to a race soldier. We are at a point in America where you are gonna have to choose your race over your gang allegiance, plain and simple. I understand this may be wishful thinking, but these hood legends are going to have to take a stand for whats important in their kids lives.