What’s good in the neighborhood


If I put a dollar away for every time I felt like swearing, this jar you see above would be filled past the limit. I have been brainstorming this entire week, reading some of the books that I’ve put to the side, and I have come to the conclusion that we are doomed as a nation. Not because of one president-elect that I won’t name, but because of the “1984” like media that we digest.

From the looks of it, Jill Stein and Rocky De La Fuente, will request and proceed in a recount of the votes. To no surprise, this stirred some emotion from the president-elect himself. Hillary Clinton will keep a close eye on the recount as well. I don’t know what else to say. This situation is a mucking-fess.


In some positive news. I hope you guys all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I purchased some stuff from a few small african american businesses in need. Time to shout them out.




and https://www.royallymelanated.com/



These two websites I found out about by doing some light research. Both stores are very affordable and accept paypal. I love the royally melanated series because it teaches black kids their history. I just hope that the book isn’t too complicated when I read it to my daughter. As far as the PP website, it is solid and they have great designs. Some of the statements on their clothes will surely turn heads, as you can see. I don’t know how long that Assata Shakur T-Shirt is gonna last after the death of Fidel Castro.



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