6 thoughts on “African American in Africa: Kristen in Uganda

  1. Man this was great hope reading this. I’m glad she addressed the cultural differences. A lot of us African American’s have been brainwashed to not learn about our culture. It’s sad that we as African Americans keep this sad cycle of ignorance going on. Most prefer Xmas over Kwanzaa. Christianity over native religions. American culture over African culture. I’m glad she mentioned that. I’m also glad that she earned the respect of the ladies once they realized that she didn’t fall into the stereotype. I’m also happy her son is doing well and it looks like he was having a blast. Good story Eddie.

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  2. I spent a few months in Ghana – LOVED IT! I can’t wait to go back and see more African countries (and let me tell you, the food is GREAT).


  3. Hey Eddie, I’m no longer using wordpress. If you’re interested in still reading my blog, check out http://www.afrikablam.com (I decided to self-host). Is there a way I an subscribe to your blog without using WordPress? I haven’t got any emails about any of your new posts.

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    1. I don’t really know how to do so. Congrats on moving on to greener pastures. I’m trying to figure out what website to start my website also. WordPress is cheap and squarespace is expensive. Any places you suggest that I go to other than wordpress.


      1. I used Adobe Muse to build mine. It doesn’t have as many built-in things as wordpress (seo stuff, sharing, etc) but I honestly can’t stand wordpress. Way too much of a hassle. Muse is super easy.

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