L.E.T. Project “A.J”

 So I sent AJ some books. The first book is a dictionary, because it is literally like a translator in jail. It helps expand his diction. The second book I sent was Tupac ‘the rose that grew from concrete’ in hopes that he could be inspired by some of Tupac’s poetry. AJ says he likes poetry, and I think this would be the book he would read first. The third book I’ve sent him was ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Viktor Frankl. You guys will automatically see me send this book to almost every inmate. This was a man who survived concentration camp under Nazi rule. Incredibly heartfelt book, it shows the power of a positive mindset under any circumstance. This book is hands down the greatest book for any one facing a difficult time. I can’t wait until I hear his take on the book(s).




3 thoughts on “L.E.T. Project “A.J”

  1. Wow Eddie, this is a really great thing you’re doing. I haven’t read ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ yet (no time for leisurely reading), but I just skimmed over a brief summary of it. Viktor Frankl’s emphasis on finding meaning in suffering would definitely help anyone who’s been incarcerated, and there are A LOT of people incarcerated in our country. I know that finding meaning has been transformative for me, although I admit that my struggles are minimal compared to what many Americans face. But if the discovery of meaning was able to help Frankl, who was in a concentration camp, then I think it’d be able to help someone who’s in jail too.

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    1. Thanks Josh, you would love that book. Its very short, maybe 170 pages max, but very deep. Well worth the limited time that you have available. As far as the inmates, I hope that book transform their thoughts into having the will to change. I am really hoping that works, if not than I will try other books that will.

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