Inside Eddie’s Daydream #16 

Wow! Trump is gonna win! This is a shocker for many liberals, but it goes to show you that we live in a world of white supremacy. The bigotry that will we be shown will embolden alt-right Nazi’s and racists to commit more hate crimes. This stuff was already happening, but this is a wake up call for all you folks who may have read my posts and shook your head in disbelief, that I said racism exists. I’m not moving anywhere, I was born in America and lived through two terms of George W. Bush. I am still living through Clinton (3 strike mass incarceration) policies that haven’t been repealed, and my black folks need to unify.  Stop being duped by politicians and wake up. Let’s teach our kids our history and raise educational maniacs. Stop depending on celebrity endorsements and do research on your candidates. Shit is about to get real. 

10 thoughts on “Inside Eddie’s Daydream #16 

      1. Thank you. I feel like us a short black people need to know that our opinions are gonna differ from the next brotha or sistah but we share the same ancestry. If I had it my way, our reparations would be every descendant of the African Diaspora will be granted free health care, housing, food, education. I wouldn’t want money, I would want the information on how to dispute said money for future generations.

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      1. Yep! When I saw Brexit this summer I said to myself, “Oh hell Trump has a real shot at being President!”
        Horrifying but not surprising given the current climate.

        That tweet is hilarious!

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