Inside Eddie’s Daydream #13

I have been in a time capsule with music today. I have been jamming out to stuff I grew up to. You can do the same if you like, post a song with a feeling you felt when you hear a song. It can be good or bad. Here we go. 

Erykah Badu Live Album (circa 1997) but I listened to this around 2002.

I was 18 years old, going through a stubborn fit of being grown. I left my parents house in protest of my father kicking out my big brother. I was staying with my aunt in San Bernardino, CA. No job, no experience, no idea wtf was going on and lost in a city I wasn’t familiar with. This situation didn’t last long, but it was hell. My late auntie treated us like rubbish. My cousin would bring in a marijuana blunt at night for me to smoke, just so I could de-stress. The drama would disappear for 30 mins as Erykah Badu blared in the background. Just like this song, I was searching for myself.

10 thoughts on “Inside Eddie’s Daydream #13

  1. Songs can really fix a moment. I was 17 and at a party of clever people (Mensa the organisation for people with high IQs) and feeling quite stupid. Then they put on this track – first time we’d ever heard it – and all of a sudden I realised we were all the same in our essential human reactions to this song about feeling confused …

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    1. Wow. Time flies. That was a unique video back in its day. I re-imagined the scene as this song was playing. It made me think of a teenage steve woz, Steve jobs, and bill gates in an old school classroom that looks like a 1970s voter booth. Lol

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  2. Ok truth time and please don’t kill me. I hated Tyrone. The song. Just because my name is Tareau and it sounds like Tyrone and every day in 1998 in homeroom there was no way of avoiding the inevitable. Lmfao. Erykah Badu man oh man.

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