This project takes gumption 

I didn’t realize how nervous a project of this type could make me. I am sending letters to people who I’ve never met, hoping I can change their lives. Below is the actual letter. Tell me what you guys think. I should start receiving letters by the beginning of next week. I sent 13 letters Sunday night. We shall see how it goes.



12 thoughts on “This project takes gumption 

  1. I think it’s amazing what you are doing. Murderers and molesters belong in prison in my opinion, but I’ve heard about so many people being locked up for a long time for reasons that pale in comparison to the true refuse of humanity. Drug possession, taxes, checks… the fact that they’re in prison with mass murderers really pisses me off. And speaking as a former drug addict (a heavy one) I hate the stigma thrown on people who have made some bad choices due to personal weakness, especially when they never meant to hurt anybody.

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  2. Eddie, I haven’t been keeping up. A few months ago, you were taking an awesome cruise with the missus, and now you’re running a project to help our neighbors in prison. I’m not sure how you got from Point A to Point B, but I’m glad you did it, and I wish you well.

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