Inside Eddie’s daydream #11

Sitting in my truck on my lunch break, thinking to myself about how deep history is. I recently read this book called “Black Indians” where I learned about a group of Africans who merged with Native Americans sometime in the 1400s. Africans and Native Americans were in America before the Mayflower as ‘Seminoles’. This book was so interesting. Africans were even translators/fur hunters  for European companies that wanted to do business with Native American’s, because Indians never trusted white people. 

I’ve learned about Vicente Guerrero

 The first Black president, who was president of Mexico. That really shocked me. 
I went to a pumpkin patch this weekend. My child had lots of fun. Here are a few pics.

What a weekend..


2 thoughts on “Inside Eddie’s daydream #11

  1. Great insight brotha. I used to have this book that talked about York. York was allegedly a Black Slave who traveled with Lewis and Clark and helped them with the expedition. Also in that book they mentioned how native Americans had black slaves who were caught trying to fight against them.

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