Inside Eddie’s Daydream #5

America is starting to realize the past of Christopher Columbus and considering changing his holiday into “Indigenous People Day”. All I can say about this is wow. Native Americans have caught the short end of the stick, and I would be elated to see America make that change. 

In other news, I checked out Nate Parker Birth of a Nation movie. It was a great movie that tweaked some changes from the original narrative. However, it was still an award winning performance by Nate Parker. I went inside of the theater, and much to my surprise, there were barely any black people supporting this movie. I noticed one African American mother coaching her daughter on the importance of this film. As me and my wife passed, she spoke even louder to include us, but we continued to our seats. This movie had a powerful ending and I was very emotional as a black man walking out of that theater. Parker captured all of the idiosyncrasies of slavery, from slave catchers to the use of Christianity by slave owners as a tool to quell disgruntled slaves. Black people were believed to be the cursed sons of ham. I dont wish to go too deep, but he hits the nail on the head about the myth of the ‘benign slave master’. The slave revolt is a small part of the film, and even when the killings take place, it still feels like a losing battle for Nat Turner. I was impressed with the film so much so, that I yearn for a film that explains the Haitian revolution.  
I could go on and on, but i dont have enough time in my daydream to type. I will say this though.  We all have our personal takes on Nate Parker, but ‘The Birth of A Nation’ is a great film. Whether you choose to see it or not.
I also saw ‘Girl on the train’ and Emily Blunt nailed the character Rachel perfectly. Despite not being overweight and unattractive,  Blunt owns the character and is completely convincing. I believe in all my heart that she deserves an Oscar for this film. The film is located in New York instead of the UK, and there is virtually no people of color in the movie, not even the south asian therapist, despite having an Indian name. Great film though.

16 thoughts on “Inside Eddie’s Daydream #5

  1. Mostly all of “America’s founders” Did horrid things. It’s not taught on school however. As for birth of a nation, I have a feeling it’s a great film, but as a black man, I am tired of slave movies.

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    1. To each his own. The movie isnt ‘just another slave movie’, but I can’t force a person to see a movie they arent interested in. I could say an animal documentary is captivating, but if you dont like animals its no point in encouraging you to check it out. Lol

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      1. No don’t get me wrong, I’m all for black movies and I’m pretty sure it’s great. I’m just tired of all “Great” Black movies having the same narrative. Slavery, singing, sports.


      2. Despite the recent accomplishment of a Black president in America. Blacks have been collectively as a race, denigrated and disrespected. There is no story of Blacks being superior, unless we are overcoming racism or trying to ingratiate ourselves with the dominant society. I would love a story about ‘Mansa Musa’ or ‘Hannibal Barca’ but blacks wont support it, just like they arent supporting this film. So when it comes to raising money, for a pro black film ‘Birth of a Nation’ will be the example of how blacks don’t support films we cry about not having.

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      3. I understand. But Birth of a nation will gross way more than a black romantic comedy or a black drama Take movies like “The Perfect Match” or “When The Bough Breaks.” The same way you feel about supporting Birth Of A Nation, is the same way I feel about equilateral support with all Black movies. Not just stereotypical Madea type of movies or Slave movies. I support people who will see it Birth of A Natuon and I support people who don’t. You are right about supporting ‘Mansa Musa’ and ‘Hannibal Barca’. I guess for me it’s just timing brotha. If Birth of a Nation came out before Django, 12 years as a slave, Butler, and the Help, I would be Gung ho in seeing it. I also feel you on the part about being the only Black couple in there and the acknowledgement the other lady gave you. I know that hurts when a movie comes out with that much anticipation and no one of your skin color is there. That’s how how I felt when Selma came out. Much love tho man


      4. Brotha Eddie, After a lot of deliberation within myself and talking to great black folks like yourself and others, I will go see it today.

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      5. *spoiler alert*
        I just left the movie theater. My biggest question is, the little boy who betrayed Nate by switching, I dont think he would of been motivated to fight in the civil war, if he hadn’t of felt remorseful for what he did as a boy. It was a powerful movie and I did agree with you on the whole Christianity take with “benign slave masters.” Was also some great previews for Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Live By Night, American Pastoral, and Loving.

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      6. Yep. Fictional, but nice additional story. Lol.

        I’m lukewarm on Hidden Figures, have to do more research.

        Vehemently against ‘Loving’, not because of an interracial marriage. There is more to that story, there was a 6 year age difference. There are rumblings of the actual story being closer to pedophilia. He met her at 14, him 20 years old. Her denial of being black, she claimed she was Indian. I have the receipts to prove it. Also, this is a movie being sold by black feminists as a heavenly story. The goal of a black feminist is to destroy the ‘toxic patriarchy of traditional marriage’ and blah, blah, blah. They are against Black men, especially cis-alpha males. Some of them are worse than Trump supporting bigots, when it comes to tearing down black men.

        The others I haven’t heard about.

        When it comes to this movie, it was different because it was ‘All Black Everything’, the writing, production, and actors/actresses. Parker went through hell to get funding for a movie that shows an alpha black male, fighting against white supremacy. Never been done in the history of film. Fox searchlight handled marketing and distribution, also title rights. Parker did everything else. Special film.

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      7. Man you hit it on the head with the “toxic patriarchy of traditional marriage” There’s another brotha you should check out as a blogger on here and his name is Zone of None Being: Daryl Walker Jr. Great reply brotha and my experience was similar to yours at the theater. Emptied with only 3 black people out of 14. šŸ˜

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    2. I haven’t seen it yet Tareau, but I think it’s different because Nat Turner actually revolts, unlike other narratives. But like ES said, I don’t wanna encourage you to see something you don’t want to lol

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  2. Please let me know when there’s an Indigenous People’s Day in America…please let me know. I’m wearing all the t-shirts, joining all the parades, going to all the breakfasts in the city, and leading the march on that day šŸ˜‰

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  3. Saw the movie in Toronto, Canada. About 30 people in the theater, and 20 or so were black folks. I’m kind of a history buff and I liked the movie. It’s a shame that people are staying away.


  4. Thanks for your thoughts regarding Indigenous People Day, “Birth of a Nation,” and “Girl on the Train.” We’ve been fussing about Christopher Columbus so long but some things take FOREVER to amend and to change. OMG – a film about the Haitian Revolution – now, that’s some righteous daydreaming, Eddie!

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