Inside Eddie’s Daydream

Please excuse any writing gaffes that occur on my post. Anything that I can fit into a blog post for 15 mins, I will rant about.
Lately I have been thinking about time and how short it is. Time is actually an illusion that we believe is true. I can tell the time is 3:06 pm right now, but what really makes 1 minute any different from a thousand years from now. I have the same fears and anxieties that many before me have had. I look in the mirror and look at my mortality the same way Marcus Aurelius did. The only difference is the way we handle it. I am scared to death of death, yet I consistently continue the same fallacies that contribute to my demise.
I don’t only fear death, but the death of my loved ones. I am at an age where I have this anxiety that one of my parents will pass away. This event is inevitable, but what frightens me even more, is that I remember when I was my daughter’s age sometime in the 80’s. 2016 seemed like a year so distant with flying cars and high tech. The future is now, the past already happened. Our present day problems, is our great children’s past. 



4 thoughts on “Inside Eddie’s Daydream

  1. I have the same fears! Just about 15 minutes ago I was looking in the mirror and I noticed wrinkles that I haven’t seen before. And all of the sudden my fears hit me again. I know that we can’t control what is to come and I know I should just live in the present but the unknown scares me so much. It’s stronger than me.

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  2. Death is indeed a scary thought, especially when it comes to our loved ones. My parents have health issues, as does my brother, and I don’t want to think about their inevitable, respective passing-on. I treasure each day that they’re alive.

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