Off to vacation, Anxiety and All

Swimming Pool at Sunrise
Pool Deck at Sunrise – Deck 8/9 Midship Seabourn Odyssey – Seabourn Cruise Line

Guess what wordpress family? I have been conned into going on a vacation again. Anxiety be damned. I tried putting this vacation in the dark recesses of my mind, but once again I am on another getaway. The word “getaway” irritates me. The word feels like I am running away from something, like a temporary fix. I guess I am.


I absolutely hate getting on planes. I most definitely will panic and have anxiety. When the plane lifts off, my stomach turns. This will be a red eye flight, which mean I will hardly be able to sleep. I definitely will be taking some pictures to share with you guys. As always, I know I will have an encounter that’s awkward — its just bound to happen — Ā and I will capture it all. The irony is that I am comfortable on a boat, but uncomfortable on planes. Wish me luck, I need to pop some motion sickness pills. Bye.



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