Wow, what a week

Let’s talk about privacy. It is gone and I hope that it comes back to me. I am stealthily typing this blog in a restroom. It will be a month on April 10th, since this MIL situation came into existence. My plan that I meticulously planned worked out the way I thought it would.

Work has been heavy for the past two weeks, I have been raking in about 12-14 hours daily. Work has become a catharsis for me, ironically. Not long after the post before this, my job was on thin ice. Not because of something caused by me. A city that my company  services, and is in contract negotiations with, is mulling over potential waste companies. We are currently in the bidding process, approaching deadline status, however, the council cannot declare a winner and award a contract before June. Supervisors are telling us that we have “98 percent of the councils approval”, but nothing is official until June. I felt that nothing could be worse than me losing my job during this madness. Vacation is coming in May, and I really don’t want to go. I just want the situation to be handled and over with before going.

I am not in love with this living arrangement in my house. I just don’t wanna be an asshole and make the situation worse. I remember what it was like being homeless and staying with my aunt. It was very short lived, only a week, to the best of my recollection. It was hell. She talked shit about me and my brother that was dark and personal. My mom wouldn’t ever treat her (my aunt’s) kids the way she treated us. It was kind of her to open her doors and let us in there, but the demeaning way she talked to us was scarring. She kicked me out to the Salvation Army after one week of me doing everything she told me to do. Keep in mind she stayed in San Bernardino, a city that is 90 miles east of Los Angeles, and I had no understanding of the city. I still hold a grudge with my now deceased aunt over that shit. The irony of the situation was that her 44 year old son is couch-surfing, while I have a decent career taking care of my family. Whenever I get to a place of frustration that seems a little bit over the top, I think about this situation.

A week ago I went out with my wife to a restaurant and dropped my wallet. You wouldn’t believe how stupid I felt, especially knowing that everything is closed on Easter Sunday. I had to cancel all of my credit cards and everything. Life feels awkward without having the power of online shopping. I didn’t realize how much spending I did without a wallet. I got the wallet back, and all is well.

P.S., Right as I believe things to be getting better, this Laker scandal happens and blows my mind away. I vent my frustrations on my YouTube blog if you want to see smart men turn ignorant.

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