More hot tea 🐸🍵

So, everything has begun and it is more uncomfortable than what I anticipated. With another person being inside the house, everything becomes cramped. Cooking food, watching TV, using the restroom, everything. Conversations become muted to hide personal sentiments. I just cannot take it. I am trying my best to make best of the situation, by staying outside of the house until 9 p.m.

Of course my wife loves the situation. Who wouldn’t like their mom lifting some of the mommy duties and responsibilities. As for me, I am ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE!!! I get anxiety attacks before pulling inside the house. In a sense, I have become catatonic and numb to conversation. I have to go inside of a zone to cope with the stress. It has barely been a week and I have been going mad, wondering when will this end. Part of me envies the times when I had the privacy of relaxing at home.

With that being said, what else can one do but become an extrovert? I have to adapt to the situation whether I like it or not. So this means more time to worry about me. Going to the gym, visiting mom, or old friends, and even going to the movies. Maybe I might take a self-defense class or go listen to an audio book while walking at the park. I have to do something, because home is not what it used to be.

My wife is beckoning me to go on a vacation, but I can’t bring myself to going on a vacation while not handling the bigger problem at home. I would rather spend money on helping her mom get an apartment. What do you guys think? I value your opinion. Comment below.

11 thoughts on “More hot tea 🐸🍵

  1. It sounds like a really impossible situation. You have my empathy. I would agree that it is better to get your own house in order (that is, help your MIL find a place of her own) than to avoid it by going on vacation.. and then coming back to the same situation. Good luck!

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  2. I think the idea of keeping yourself busy with activities such as the gym is a good idea. A vacation is a very temporary solution. It would be so much better to take one after the situation has been handled when you can truly relax. I can totally sympathize. An introvert should definitely not have to keep that extrovert hat on 24/7! Good luck and keep us posted.

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  3. Wow -I love your honesty about yourself! And your self-reflection is amazing. I wish I had advice for you but I do not, yet I certainly can try to send you encouragement. You do seem to try to be a good and honest man, and that, is Very Good. I admire your courage.
    17 March, 12016 HE

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  4. Yikes…what an absolute nightmare. Especially with the guilt-tripping! You’re between a rock and a hard place, my friend!

    Definitely work on getting the intruder out as soon as possible. I fear that your health and marriage will suffer if she stays too long! No more than three months, if possible…hopefully you can get her into her own place within that crucial time-frame.

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  5. Man, I feel for you. I don’t have much good advice for you, since my M.O. has been to run from situations when they turn bad. Get divorced, go to Japan to teach English, crew a sailboat for some rich guy to get it where he needs it, whatever it takes to get out.

    The previous post before was good, BTW, about doing stuff outside the house to distract you. Stay strong!

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